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Bird Scooter Accident Lawyer Indianapolis IndianaOver the past several years, there have been a handful of electric scooter-share companies that have opened their “virtual” doors to customers. These companies can be found in many metropolitan areas around the country, including right here in Indianapolis, Indiana. These companies install docking stations at various locations in a city where people can rent an electric scooter and travel to their destination. But these scooters have not been without controversy because of their high risk of accident for not only the riders of the scooter but also for the pedestrians and other commuters. If you have been injured in a scooter accident, contact an Indianapolis Indiana bird scooter accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.  

Rules to Rent

There are about a dozen companies that are currently in the electric scooter ride-sharing business throughout the country. Indiana has four companies that have arrived in the state and there are discussions to put a cap on how many will be allowed to operate here. As an Indianapolis Indiana bird scooter accident lawyer can explain, there are guidelines that scooter renters should follow:

  • A rider must be at least 18 years of age
  • A rider must have a valid driver’s license
  • A rider must always wear a helmet
  • A rider must ride on the street in the same direction as traffic
  • A rider must obey all the traffic rules, signals, and signs as other vehicles
  • A rider must always have at least one hand on the handle of the scooter
  • A rider must not exceed the recommended weight limit of the scooter
  • There should never be more than one rider on the scooter at a time

Unfortunately, all these scooters may be convenient, able to get users around quickly, they are also responsible for a high number of accidents and injuries. According to national statistics, during the last four years, electric scooter injuries have jumped a whopping 222 percent. Those injuries include approximately 40,000 broken bones, head injuries, cuts, and bruises. And last year, that number jumped again, by 83 percent. One study found that electric scooter accident victims suffer a higher proportion of head injuries than bike accident victims do. Other common injuries suffered in scooter accidents include fractures, followed by abrasions and contusions. The more popular these vehicles become, the more injured victims there are.

Who Is Liable for an Electric Scooter Accident?

When a person is injured in a car accident with another driver, the victim can pursue damages against the at-fault driver through their insurance company or even the victim’s own insurance company. But when a victim is injured in an electric scooter accident, the road to financial compensation is more complex.

As a bird scooter accident lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana can explain, some electric ride-sharing scooter companies claim that they have no liability if one of their electric scooters is involved in an accident. The only time a scooter rider is covered is if the injury occurred because of a defect in the scooter. It is a matter of a judge or jury to make that decision, however, it can be just one more issue that makes personal injury cases difficult, which is why having a skilled personal injury attorney Indianapolis, IN families rely on can be critical for the success of your case.

Another issue that can be a factor in an electric scooter case is liability insurance. If the scooter driver is injured, their medical costs may be covered by their own health insurance, vehicle insurance, homeowners’ insurance, umbrella insurance, and electric scooter insurance if offered by the company. Keep in mind, however, that other than health insurance, there may be terms of the scooter driver’s insurance policies that stipulate they do not cover any electric scooter accidents,

If the electric scooter driver is at-fault, such as if they hit and injure a pedestrian, there is no insurance in place to cover the pedestrian’s injuries and losses. This doesn’t mean that the victim has no legal options. No matter what the circumstances were with the electric scooter accident you were injured in, a bird scooter accident lawyer Indianapolis Indiana clients recommend from Ward & Ward Law Firm can help. Call our office today.

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