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Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney

Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney

Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident can send all who are involved reeling; and during this time of uncertainty, our Indianapolis truck accident attorney that victims depend on can help provide guidance, support, expertise and peace of mind. Knowing where to turn or what steps to take next can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you have been injured. Some of the time, injuries from an accident can leave victims incapacitated, even unable to make decisions on their own. Ward & Ward Law Firm fully understand the stressors and pain that you may be facing. We recommend that you take the following steps should you find yourself the victim of a truck accident:

Move to a Safe Space

The moments following an accident can be completely chaotic. However, if you are able, one of the most important things is to move yourself to a safe location, away from any oncoming traffic. The last thing that you want is to experience another collision or accident if the wreckage is still in the roadway. This can only result in further damage. 

Contact Law Enforcement

When an accident occurs, law enforcement must be contacted. They will play a critical role as they will ensure that medical attention is received and take the time to investigate the accident carefully. They will gather information, interview witnesses, and in some cases, might even identify the at-fault party. However, perhaps one of the most critical components to proving your case will be the police report that is generated. Our truck accident attorney shares that this will serve as a critical piece of evidence should you take legal action. 

Seek Medical Care

In many situations, especially those involving large trucks, emergency services will be called. If injuries are apparent, you will immediately be dispatched to the hospital for medical care. In the wake of an accident, seeking medical attention is imperative, even if you do not believe that you have been injured. Medical care is important because it will ensure that you receive the medical attention you need. In some cases, even underlying conditions can go untreated without medical care. A medical professional will take the time to diagnose and treat any injuries that may have resulted. Additionally, seeking medical care can help prove your case as documentation will be generated that outlines your injuries and the expenses incurred as a result. 

Gather as Much Information as Possible

Evidence is probably one of the most critical aspects to pursuing legal action against the liable party. If you have been severely injured, the chances are that you may have been unable to obtain evidence from the scene. Our team can help you to backtrack and assist in gathering the evidence needed to support your case. This might include:

Having strong evidence can support you in proving your case. We will work to gather information and formulate a case against the liable party. 

Contact a Lawyer

Our team at Ward & Ward Law Firm wants to assist you in taking action during this incredibly difficult time. We know that no level of compensation can fully repair the tremendous losses that you have suffered. However, we aim to help you attain a settlement offer that will assist you during the recovery process and beyond. Contact our Indianapolis, Indiana truck accident attorney for the legal support and guidance you need. 

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