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Surgeon Malpractice Lawyer in Indianapolis, IN

Surgeon Malpractice Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Surgeon Malpractice Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Have you or a loved one been the victim of medical malpractice after a surgery? Are you receiving letters from bill collectors who demand payment for medical bills that should never have occured? Are you missing out on activities because you are suffering from physical pain and cannot maneuver around like you did before the incident? If you can relate to a similar situation, please call a surgeon malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, IN.

You might think that medical malpractice is not that common; however, according to Johns Hopkins University, approximately 250,000 men, women, and children will lose their lives to medical mistakes every year. Other sources, suggest this number is too low and is closer to half a million. What’s more alarming is that these numbers only account for deaths and not those who lived after a medical error was made to them.

As leading surgeon malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis, IN, we, at Ward & Ward Law Firm, believe no one should be the victim of a medical error. Afterall, a doctor has a duty to adhere to a specific standard of care. When they, or any medical professional for that matter, do not stick to these standards of care, a breach of duty results; thereby, leading to harm, the victim may have the right to file for monetary compensation. These cases are almost always complicated. Trying to pursue one on your own is inadvisable and could result in significant confusion, lost time, and money. A medical malpractice lawyer Indianapolis, IN has to offer may be able to help you. Call Ward & Ward Law Firm today. 

Your Patient Rights

The standards of medical care are broad; however, when a treatment is not performed or given in a way that a professional in a similar, or the same, field would also do, it may be medical malpractice. Examples include:

-Surgical error
-Failure to diagnose
-Anesthesia errors
-Failure to treat the patient
-Failure to get the patients’ consent
-Improper hygiene

If you or a loved one has treated in such as way that caused you harm, or perhaps you were not treated at all, please call Ward & Ward Law Firm to speak with a surgeon malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Being Unhappy with the Results of Treatment is Not Necessarily Malpractice

It is important to understand that if you are unhappy, or unsatisfied, with a treatment and the results it led to, or lack of, you may not have the right to file a claim. That said, you should not assume that you don’t have a claim. Therefore, the best way to know if compensation is available is to call a surgeon malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, IN for a case review. 

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Realizing the doctor you entrusted with your life caused you harm can be devastating. Not only may you be in physical pain, but you may now suffer from mental scars that can last for the rest of your life. A personal injury claim cannot turn back time, but it may bring some form of relief. To explore your legal options, call a surgeon malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, IN.

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