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How Do I Pay My Medical Bills After an Accident?

Overwhelmed by medical bills from my accident – How do I pay my bills?

If you have health insurance, your insurance provider may cover the care you receive from in-network hospitals, doctors and other medical providers. In rare situations where you were taken by ambulance to a hospital that is not in your network, your health insurance may cover the ER bill if you were unable to select an in-network hospital from the scene of the accident. After your health insurance, your medical payment insurance or “med-pay” will help you to pay your medical bills. Check your automobile policy to determine how much med-pay insurance you have.Call Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501

Lawyer Charlie Ward of Ward & Ward Law Firm recommends you purchase as much med-pay insurance as your can afford. Talk with your insurance agent to obtain a quote. Med-pay insurance becomes cheaper the more your purchase. You may be surprised how inexpensive good coverage is when you seek a quote for a higher amount. Remember that medical payment insurance is to your benefit by covering medical bills and medical expenses, i.e. hospital, doctors, radiology, lab work, prescriptions, physical therapy and much more. It can ease the strain of potential economic hardship and/or the loss of your wages after you’ve experienced a wreck or collision.

If you know someone that has been injured in an accident and having trouble paying their medical bills, call attorney, Charlie Ward, today at 317-639-9501.

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How does your auto insurance company measure up?

Understand Your Insurance PolicyCall Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501

When your employer offers you a health insurance policy as a part of your benefits package, I’ll bet you study the policy and understand the terms of deductibility, become acquainted with the tiers of prescription coverage and fully understand how much you will pay in out-of-pocket for your prescriptions and office visit co-pays. Why? Because you know that someone in your family is probably going to see a doctor at some point in time and you want to understand how your health insurance carrier will be handling the billings for doctors, tests and prescriptions prior to using your benefits.

Insurance companies are not created equally.

Although it’s unlikely that you will be given a list of health insurance companies to select from, you still have the power of choice when it comes to purchasing auto or homeowners insurance. Why not review those companies with the same scrutiny that you would apply to your health insurance carrier?

At their website, the Indiana Department of Insurance offers an annual index of complaints lodged and closed against insurance companies doing business in the state of Indiana. As I write this, the most recent statistical measurements have been documented through 2010. Their office calculates and publishes complaint indexes for the following types of carriers:

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  •  Life
  •  Health
  • Annuities

Their complaint ratios are based on a percentage of premiums collected by Hoosiers for that year. I recommend everyone who has, or intends to purchase insurance in the state of Indiana, avail themselves of these services. The Indiana Department of Insurance is your advocate in all matters relating to insurance.

The power of the Internet

Recently, my assistant was looking at lowering her auto and homeowners premiums by obtaining a quote from an independent agent’s pool of insurance companies. Since she was looking for a reduction in annual premiums, her agent’s first quote quite naturally was the cheapest available. Because the initial quote was so vastly different from her current premium, she proceeded to research the company. After comparing her current carrier with the cheaper alternative carrier at the Indiana Department of Insurance website, she trolled the Internet for customer reviews. What she found was stunning; the cut-rate company had earned nothing but negative reviews and warnings from previous customers. Needless to say, she went back to the agent and requested they take a look at a different company.

Cost of Insurance Isn’t Everything

While the option of low premiums is an enticing inducement when electing automobile coverage, don’t let it be your primary focus. If you should need to file a claim because of an auto, motorcycle or trucking accident, you don’t want to discover that the coverage you thought you were purchasing is not what you gave up your premiums for. Do the research, read the declarations page carefully and obtain the best liability and med-pay coverage available to you from a reputable company. But most importantly, be a savvy shopper and demand the best in automobile insurance coverage.

Discuss your automobile insurance policy with a knowledgeable attorney

If you would like to discuss your policy with an experienced personal injury lawyer, or have been involved in an accident, call Charlie Ward of Ward & Ward Law Firm. We are available to take your call.


Increase Your Liability Insurance Coverage for Personal Protection against Auto, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trucking or Semi Tractor Trailer Accident Claims

Cheap Car Insurance

Call personal injury and accident lawyer Charlie Ward today for a free consultation

If you’ve ever heard me discuss buying auto accident liability insurance, you probably know that I personally recommend buying as much as you can afford—not because I have a desire to enrich the financial statements of insurance carriers, but because protecting you, your family and others unknown whom you may encounter on the road in an unexpected auto, motorcycle, bicycle or trucking accident is the right thing to do. And it costs only a few pennies more a day to acquire a policy that will adequately provide for the medical and economic needs of a catastrophically injured party or parties should the need arise.

How much does a good automobile insurance policy cost?

The purchase of bulk goods or commodities triggers a reduction in the price-per-unit cost. Auto liability insurance is no different. A recent central Indiana survey obtained in December of 2011, demonstrates my point:

A potential customer with a good-driving record, insuring a C-1500 pick-up truck for pleasurable use by self and spouse, received the following 6-month policy quote from an independent agent:

Limits Liab. Diff Prop
(6 Mos)
Total Policy
50/100 67 46 *9 14 4 140
100/300 79 +12 48 *9 19 4 159 +19
250/500 86 +7 48 *9 24 4 171 +12

*Note: $10,000 worth of med-pay coverage is $13.00 (Diff. +$4 p/6-mo) – See my comments on purchasing Medical Payment Insurance Coverage

 Cost per Unit Analysis (Liability Coverage Only)

  1. The cost for initial 50,000/100,000 “liability only” coverage is approximately $1.34/67¢ per unit (a unit is one-thousand dollars of coverage);
  2. The next tier, 100,000/300,000, reduces the cost per unit to 79¢/26.4¢; and
  3. The next higher tier, 250,000/500,000 reduces the cost further to 34.4¢/17.2¢ per unit.

 Daily Cost Differential

  1.  The cost difference between the 50/100 and 100/300 full-coverage policy (as illustrated above) is 10.6¢ a day;
  2. The cost difference between 100/300 and 250/500 is an increase of approximately 6.7¢ per day;
  3.  The total cost difference between 50/100 and 250/500 is a total increase of 17.3¢ per day.

Indiana’s $25,000 minimum insurance requirement is not enough!

Indiana lawmakers have mandated the minimum amount of liability insurance required to legally drive in the State of Indiana to be $25,000. However, the medical bills generated from an accident involving one traumatically injured person can rapidly consume and far surpass the $25,000 minimum legal liability limits in less than a single 24 hour period. Maximizing your liability insurance protects you and it helps others who, through no fault of their own, are recovering from injuries, disabilities and economic hardship caused by auto, motorcycle and tractor-trailer accidents. You can learn more about auto accident liability insurance limits by visiting the website of the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Experienced personal injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The law firm of Ward & Ward has over 80 years of combined experience in personal injury law including accident and wrongful death claims. Our firm receives no legal fees or expenses unless we collect damages on your behalf. Call Charlie Ward today at 317-639-9501 for a free evaluation of your claim. Our attorneys are available to speak with you.


If You Think Your Auto Insurance Protects Your Family From Personal Injury Damages—Think Again!

If you drive children to school, you should know about Indiana’s Guest Statute and how it may affect your family

Call personal injury and accident lawyer Charlie Ward today for a free consultation

I would like to explain how the Guest Statute law leaves you and your family unprotected from personal injury damages—not to panic you—but to inform you, your family and your friends. My hope is that you’ll take the information to heart, make thoughtful driving decisions, and then pass the information on. The erroneous assumption that you, your children and other family members are fully covered for personal injuries by your auto insurance policy gives you a false sense of peace. When you purchased your automobile policy, I doubt very much that your agent informed you of Indiana’s Guest law.  Read the statute at Indiana Code 34-30-11 and you’ll get the impression that the legislators are doing you a great favor by granting you—as owner/operator of your vehicle—immunity from injuries sustained by family members. As a matter of fact, the statute favors the far more powerful insurance industry.

What is the Guest Statute?

In essence, the Guest Statute states that a driving error on your part and the resulting damages, personal injuries and possible loss of life will not be covered by your automobile insurance policy if the injured passenger(s) is a family member, riding as a ‘guest’ —specifically a spouse, child, step-child, a sibling or a parent unless the owner, operator or person responsible for the operation of a motor vehicle is willfully or wantonly reckless in their driving conduct.

If you make an error in judgment

For example, you’re driving your son to school. The bell is about to ring, another late slip and your son serves a Saturday detention. Under pressure to get him to school on time, you’re resolved to make the left turn arrow—this time. Poor timing and a lapse of judgment causes a tragic accident by an oncoming car wherein both you and your son suffer catastrophic personal injuries. Your health insurance company may pick up the medicals. But if you don’t have health insurance… well, unfortunately hospitals are not charitable institutions. If you were solely responsible for the accident, the injuries suffered by the other driver, of course, would be covered by your own automobile insurance, perhaps to the policy limits. But your son’s injuries, possible future medicals, wage and loss damages, pain and suffering will not be honored under the same automobile liability policy that will protect the stranger. Good drivers occasionally make errors in judgment. The scenario described above could happen to any one of us at any time. Who do you think stands to benefit from the Indiana Guest Statute?


The insurance companies argue that the opportunity for you and your ‘guest’ passenger to join in collusion against the insurance company is too great a risk.  But the possibility of collusion and false claims should not preclude the substantive right of individual personal injury litigants to have a voice in a court of law, a right granted under the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution. Did the boy used in our example make that driving decision? Was he given a choice between a Saturday detention and the unintended consequence? The insurance companies have been heard—loud and clear. This law is tipped in their favor. Are your state representatives really looking after your family’s best interests?

Experienced personal injury attorneys

The law firm of Ward & Ward has over eighty years of legal experience with personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our firm receives no legal fees or expenses unless we collect damages on your behalf. Call Charlie Ward today for a free evaluation of your claim.  

Uninsured Coverage is your Protection from an Accident Caused by Uninsured Driver

It makes sense to carefully choose your auto insurance policy

You probably wouldn’t consider opening an account with a bank that was not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Banking insurance premiums finance this federal insurance program; indirectly you fund this insurance through your deposits, service charges and bank fees. Why would you protect your liquid assets but overlook a protection vital to your family’s personal wealth, health and well-being?

Insurance protection in a bad economy

Research conducted by the Insurance Research Council shows that as many as 16% of Hoosiers are driving without any insurance coverage. During the recession, many people have lost their jobs and have chosen not to pay for the insurance required under Indiana law.

In some states, uninsured motorist coverage is a required add-on to your automobile policy. But in the state of Indiana, uninsured motorist coverage is intrinsic to the personal liability portion of your auto policy. Your uninsured motorist coverage automatically protects you from injury, lost wages and other expenses incurred as a result of a serious accident with an uninsured driver. The amount of coverage afforded you by your policy will be the same amount as the coverage under your personal liability policy. Remember, the price of coverage goes down as the amount of coverage goes up. Your decision to choose the highest amount of coverage you can afford could be the best financial decision you make for your family.

Experienced personal injury lawyer

If you are involved in an accident, call Charlie Ward of Ward & Ward Law Firm. I look forward to meeting with you and would be happy to discuss your automobile insurance coverage with you today.

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Our Lawyers Recommend You Buy the Best Auto Liability Policy Coverage You Can Afford

A great automobile or motorcycle policy goes a long way in compensating another driver for medical injuries which may occur as a result of an accident deemed to be your fault.

How does my auto liability insurance protect me and my family?

The Declarations page of your auto or motorcycle policy outlines all of your policy’s coverages as well as your insurance company’s limits of liability. The category entitled Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability describes a maximum amount per person and a maximum total amount which would be paid per accident. For example: a $100,000/$300,000 policy means a single injured party could potentially receive up to but no more than $100,000 for their injuries—but no more than $300,000 could be recovered by the total number of persons injured in the accident. For example, if two people were severely injured in an accident which was determined to be caused by you, your insurance company would not pay more, in this instance, than $300,000 total for all injuries and/or deaths combined. Considering the high cost of ambulatory, ER care, surgeons, therapeutic and potential long-term rehabilitative expenses, medical bills for two people catastrophically injured could exhaust or even exceed your policy limits of $300,000. Where would injured victims look for compensation after your insurance policy limits were exhausted? Under certain circumstances, plaintiffs involved in litigation might seek reparation in your financial, real or hard assets after your policy runs out. Many learn this lesson the hard way—after the fact.

In the State of Indiana, the minimum amount of liability insurance coverage that will legally put you in the driver’s seat is $25,000. This low-limit legal minimum is barely enough to purchase postage stamps for the many medical bills that can mount up from injuries received in an accident. But lines have to be drawn in legislation and the $25,000 minimum was deemed to be fair and attainable for the greater majority of citizens. However, insurance companies don’t advertise the fact and the majority of citizenry don’t know that the price of coverage per unit goes down as the increase in coverage goes up. In other words, liability insurance is cheaper to buy in quantity.

It’s impossible to predict and prepare for every calamity that could befall you and your family. The next time you review your auto or motorcycle insurance policy, consider how much insurance you need to protect the assets you’ve acquired over your most productive years. Then ask your agent to quote several levels of liability coverage before you make a decision that could potentially expose you to a loss of your assets.

Lawyers Experienced in Cases Involving Bodily Injury

The law firm of Ward & Ward are personal injury lawyers experienced in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents. Call our firm today! I welcome the opportunity to discuss your potential accident claim and your automobile liability insurance coverage with you.

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