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Personal Injury Attorney from Indiana Shows an Increase in Auto Liability Insurance Coverage Costs Only Pennies a Day

Obtain several quotes for liability insurance coverage

The more insurance you buy, the cheaper it is

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The next time you evaluate your automobile insurance policy, I would recommend seeking a quote for a higher level of liability coverage. For instance, if you currently have $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage, ask your agent to quote the $250,000/$500,000 coverage. You may find that the additional coverage may cost you only pennies a day.

A recent survey conducted in Indianapolis exposed that each tier increase of auto liability insurance for a driver with a good record amounted to a significant reduction in the price per unit of coverage. For example, liability coverage for $250,000/$500,000 was reduced by 75% per unit—a tremendous savings— and the result of buying quantity.


Why would you need that much coverage?

The figures $250,000/$500,000 mean the insurance company will pay up to the limits of $250,000 per person but not exceeding $500,000 for all persons injured per accident. Consider a person
injured in an automobile, motorcycle or truck accident where that person is catastrophically injured, permanently disabled or a wrongful death occurs as a result of an error in judgment. Catastrophic injuries, including brain and spine injuries can easily mount and exceed the limits of a $250,000 per person,
per accident. Or consider the death of a family breadwinner and a lifetime loss of economic earnings for their family. A $250,000/$500,000 policy is not an excessive amount of insurance, particularly if you have personal assets to protect.


The price of medical payment coverage also decreases with an increase in limits. In the same survey it was discovered that doubling the standard $5,000 med-pay coverage to $10,000, cost less than 11? per month or 67? for a 6-month policy.


The Indiana Department of Insurance regulates insurance companies selling and administering policies in the State of Indiana. Consumer questions or disputes with an insurance company are handled by the Indiana Department of Insurance. Visit their site for more information.

Experienced personal injury attorneys recommend you buy as much insurance as you can afford

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How Much Med-Pay Insurance is Enough?

Medical Payment Auto Insurance Coverage

The next time you receive a policy renewal from your automobile insurance company, take a look at the Declarations Page (coverage break-down) to determine the amount of “Medical Payments” coverage you carry. Unless otherwise requested, most auto insurance companies in Indiana, automatically quote medical-payment limits of liability coverage in the amount of $5,000 each person. If you or a family member, have never had to use this important benefit due to a traumatic injury from an auto accident, chances are you may not have given much consideration to the amount of med-pay coverage you should have.

What is med-pay insurance?

Medical-payment insurance exists for the benefit of the policyholder(s) injured in an auto accident. This coverage insures the automobile insurance company will make timely payments to the medical provider(s) for hospitals, medical treatment, physical therapy, and reimburse out-of-pocket medical costs including prescriptions, co-pays and other medically-necessary incidentals resulting from an accident.

How much medical payment insurance should I buy?

Most major health insurance policies today put forth high annual deductible plans. A good rule of thumb is to look at the deductible of your health insurance. How much of your family’s deductible could you affordably self-insure if you were seriously injured in an auto accident? Medical payment coverage of $5,000 may cover only half of the medical bills for someone with a $10,000 deductible health plan. Would you be comfortable withdrawing $5,000 from your savings or investments to make those medical payment arrangements which could have been easily avoided by doubling your med-pay auto insurance for just a few pennies a day?

It takes time to resolve a legal action. In the mean time, hospital and medical creditors require payment.  You can avoid the financial and medical hardship created by callous collection agents, whom  it seems (tongue in cheek) lock your phone number on their speed dial — by properly assessing your financial needs. The next time you have a moment, review your coverage. If you need clarification, get the answers you need from your agent or call  lawyer Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501 for an in depth explanation of your auto insurance coverage. Then determine how much medical payment coverage is right for you.

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