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Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer | Lane Departure Warning

Lawyer for personal injury claims and settlements in Indiana Newer automobiles have advancements in technology making cars and SUVs safer to drive

One such advancement is Lane Departure Warning (LDW). LDW has been available to American drivers in a number of vehicles since 1994. Volvo and Nissan were the first manufacturers using LDW technology. As of this year, Lexus, BMW, Nissan Infiniti, Honda, Mercedes, KIA and GM all offer this technology.

What is LDW and how does it work to help make vehicles safer reducing personal injury?

LDW uses cameras generally mounted on rearview mirror to watch for lane markings in the roadway.  When the driver drifts out of his/her lane of traffic, a warning of some type will occur. The warning may be a type of light, vibration in the steering wheel or an audible alarm. Regardless, the warning is a notice to the driver that the car is drifting out of the lane of traffic.

In addition, the warning will not go off when the driver uses a turn signal as it assumes the driver is intentionally crossing over the lane markings. This type of advancement in safety technology in vehicles will assist a driver who may be falling asleep behind the wheel or distracted by something in the vehicle. However, where the lane markings are worn off or covered by dirt (or just plain missing), the LDW systems may not work. Regardless, the LDW systems are valuable to all drivers today and the cost is minimal compared to loss of life or serious injuries.

You may also watch this video which explains Lane Departure Warning Systems

Learn more about blind spot monitors here

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Blind Spot Monitors | Auto Accident Lawyers In Indianapolis

Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer for Personal Injury Claiams and Wrongful Death Consider purchasing your next new car with a Blind spot auto sensor

If your about to purchase a new car, SUV or motor vehicle, it is estimated that 3/4 of all new vehicles offer blind spot monitors as an option to reduce accidents.

In driver’s education we were taught to look over your shoulder before changing lanes.  Why?  Because side mirrors do not show automobiles in blind spots.   However, new technology advances such as blind spot monitors help to minimize blind spot issues.

Just what is a blind spot monitor (BSM) and how does it work?  Blind spot monitors use radar sensors to warn drivers of automobiles in a lane adjacent to them.  The radar sensors are generally on the side and rear of a vehicle.  The warnings from the radar sensors come in the way of a flashing light or an audible sound.  The warnings generally stay on until the automobile in the adjacent lane moves in front of the vehicle or directly alongside.

Call Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501Many automobile manufacturers are now offering this technology–Volvo, Ford, Audi, Infiniti are just a few. This technology was developed by Volvo a decade ago.

Is it worth the extra cost?  Although blind spot monitors do not replace a glance around or rear-view mirror, the simple answer is yes. If there is a way to reduce or minimize the potential of an automobile accident, it is worth the cost.  This technology is just another option at reducing auto accidents.

To see the blind spot monitoring system in action watch this short video demonstration

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Teenage Drivers at Risk For Driving Accident Fatalities

Newly Licensed Teens More Likely to Crash than Older Drivers

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Recently, I was motivated to obtain statistics on crash fatalities involving teen drivers ages 16 to 20. I found the disappointing statistics that I more or less expected to find; i.e. teens within the age range of 16-20 experienced a disproportionately high number of fatal crashes over every other age group sampled. According to the Center for Disease Control, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are four times more likely than older drivers to crash. That’s a dizzying statistic and the reason that many parents dread the day their children begin driving.

The highest risk factors involved in teen driving crashes:

    1. Male teen drivers and passengers are twice as likely as their female counterparts to die in a motor vehicle accident;
    2. Teens driving teens without adult supervision increases the crash risk; the greater the number of teens in the car, the higher the risk; and

The inherent risk is especially high for teenagers within the first year after they start driving due to a disadvantageous lack of experience and judgment skills.

The graduated driver’s license addresses many risk issues

Indiana has enacted its own brand of the graduated driver’s license popularized by so many states across the country. Beginning July 1, 2009, Indiana law, IC 9-24-11-3, provided for a minor’s ‘probationary’ driver’s license with certain named restrictions for all teens under the age of 18.

Restrictions on the Probationary Driver’s License

A quick look at Indiana’s probationary driver’s license restrictions include:

  1. Minors may not use any type of telecommunication device while driving except to make emergency 911 calls;
  2. For the first 180 days after getting a probationary license, minors under the age of 18 may not drive between 10pm and 5am;
  3. After 180 days, minors may not drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. on the Sunday through Thursday;
  4. After 180 days, minors may not drive on Friday and Saturday between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m;
  5. Drivers under the age of 18 are permitted to drive at any time if traveling to or from work, school, or a religious event or if accompanied by an individual with a valid Indiana’s driver’s license who is 25 years or older;
  6. Driving with passengers is restricted for the first 180 days after obtaining a probationary minor’s license unless the minor is accompanied by a licensed instructor, an individual with a valid Indiana driver’s license who is 25 years or older, or a parent, guardian, or step-parent who is 21 years or older.  A minor may drive with their child, sibling or spouse during the hours allowed by law.
  7. Holder’s of probationary driver’s license will not qualify for court diversion programs.

Restrictions Diminish Over Time

Driving restrictions begin to fall away, gradually allowing more and more responsibility as confidence in judgment increases, and as the minor approaches his or her 18th birthday. At the age of 18, the individual may amend the probationary license removing the probationary designation from the license, but once the driver reaches 18, the probationary restrictions no longer apply even if the license is designated “probationary.” An individual who holds a probationary license may receive an operator’s license, chauffeur’s license, a public passenger chauffeur’s license, or a commercial driver’s license when the individual is at least 18 years of age. In most cases, this probationary driver’s license would expire by midnight, 30 days after the twenty-first birthday of the holder.

If you anticipate your child will be receiving their probationary license soon, you can obtain a FREE Graduated Driving Toolkit here.

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Personal Injury Attorney from Indiana Shows an Increase in Auto Liability Insurance Coverage Costs Only Pennies a Day

Obtain several quotes for liability insurance coverage

The more insurance you buy, the cheaper it is

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The next time you evaluate your automobile insurance policy, I would recommend seeking a quote for a higher level of liability coverage. For instance, if you currently have $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage, ask your agent to quote the $250,000/$500,000 coverage. You may find that the additional coverage may cost you only pennies a day.

A recent survey conducted in Indianapolis exposed that each tier increase of auto liability insurance for a driver with a good record amounted to a significant reduction in the price per unit of coverage. For example, liability coverage for $250,000/$500,000 was reduced by 75% per unit—a tremendous savings— and the result of buying quantity.


Why would you need that much coverage?

The figures $250,000/$500,000 mean the insurance company will pay up to the limits of $250,000 per person but not exceeding $500,000 for all persons injured per accident. Consider a person
injured in an automobile, motorcycle or truck accident where that person is catastrophically injured, permanently disabled or a wrongful death occurs as a result of an error in judgment. Catastrophic injuries, including brain and spine injuries can easily mount and exceed the limits of a $250,000 per person,
per accident. Or consider the death of a family breadwinner and a lifetime loss of economic earnings for their family. A $250,000/$500,000 policy is not an excessive amount of insurance, particularly if you have personal assets to protect.


The price of medical payment coverage also decreases with an increase in limits. In the same survey it was discovered that doubling the standard $5,000 med-pay coverage to $10,000, cost less than 11? per month or 67? for a 6-month policy.


The Indiana Department of Insurance regulates insurance companies selling and administering policies in the State of Indiana. Consumer questions or disputes with an insurance company are handled by the Indiana Department of Insurance. Visit their site for more information.

Experienced personal injury attorneys recommend you buy as much insurance as you can afford

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The law firm of Ward & Ward has over 80 years of combined experience in personal injury law including accident and wrongful
death claims. Our firm receives no legal fees or expenses unless we collect damages on your behalf. Call Charlie Ward today at 317-639-9501 for a free evaluation of your claim. Our attorneys are available to speak with you.


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