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Distracted Driving | Personal Injury Attorneys in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney - Texting DriverWhat are the 3 largest causes of vehicular fatalities ?

According to the National Safety Council, a new report shows that leading causes of death from a vehicle are:

  • Alcohol 30.8%
  • Speeding 30% and
  • Distracted driving 26%

Call Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501The new and surprising category that is catching the most attention is the distracted driving statistics–especially in teenage drivers. This category is on-the-rise at an alarming rate.  Advancement in technology, i.e., mobile phone use (texting), is the primary cause for this generational phenomenon.  According to the recent survey, 80% of the public incorrectly believes that hands-free devices are safer than a handheld phone.

Surprising accident-related fatality statistic

The #1 cause of death in teenagers is from an auto-car accident. Much of the blame can be placed on driving inexperience.  Statistics show that graduated driver’s license systems across the country reduce crashes involving teenagers by 40%.  But the question remains how to minimize the potential risks of an accident?  Clearly one way is to limit passenger distraction and the use of a cell phone and texting-messaging.Teenagers need to understand that accidents happen very quickly and the time-distance factor is not in their favor.

It is critically important for all teenage drivers to understand the dangers of the road and potential hazards that exist.  One way to educate our teens to the hazards and risks is to take a defensive driving course.   Education is the answer.   Finally, getting teenagers in a buckling-up routine upon entering a vehicle is critical. This should begin at a very early age. Seat belts save lives–it is just that plain and simple.

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Graduated Driver’s License Laws Meant to Reduce Teen Accidents

Incremental Driving Privileges for Teenagers

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Almost every parent knows that “pit in the stomach” feeling when they hand the car keys over to their newly licensed teenage son or daughter who is about to solo on the road for the first time. Somewhere in between adolescence and adulthood our children grow up and we have to build their confidence by displaying our trust in their good judgment. Fortunately for parents and young drivers alike, many states are moving into new laws which require everyone learning to drive under the age of eighteen, earn driving privileges incrementally.

For example, in Indiana beginning drivers under the age of 18 receive what’s called a “Probationary Drivers Permit”, also known as the Graduated Driver’s License. IC 9-24-11-3 was passed into law and became effective on July 1st, 2009.

Some restrictions include:

|Driving curfews unless traveling to or from work, school, or a religious event and accompanied by a licensed adult 25 years or older;

|Driving with passenger restrictions; and

|Restrictions on the use of cell phones.

As the minor approaches his or her eighteenth birthday, some restrictions gradually ease although Indiana’s curfew laws remain in effect until the minor reaches the age of majority. The use of cell phones while driving is prohibited under the graduated license law, unless an emergency 911 call needs to be made. You can read a brief overview of Indiana’s graduated driver’s license here.

The CDC states on their website that the accident risk for drivers sixteen to nineteen is four times higher than older drivers. With this in mind, why did it take so many years before states implemented the graduated driver’s license?

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