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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers Seek Larger Settlements

Having the skilled truck accident attorneys of Ward & Ward Law Firm behind you maximizes the value of your truck accident settlement in several ways.

  • Access to key resources – We preserve evidence, fully investigate truck accidents, and seek to establish negligence of the other driver. And we document the full impact of injuries, including necessary future treatment to ensure bills are paid and families are not left in financial ruin.
  • Specialized knowledge – The trucking industry is governed by complex state and federal laws. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, we focus almost exclusively on personal injury cases, including truck accidents claims. We understand commercial carriers are governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and Indiana laws, including the statute of limitations. Our attorneys pinpoint negligent acts, identify trucking law violations, and determine all potential defendants to help you receive the best possible trucking accident settlement.
  • Leverage with the insurance companies – Even before you lawsuit is filed with the court, the defendant’s insurance company may offer to settle your case. However, an early truck accident settlement is likely to reimburse only a fraction of your total damages. Hiring an attorney protects your interests and demands that the insurance company take you seriously by offering full reimbursement for your losses.

Experienced personal injury lawyers offer our clients the full financial resources of our firm to employ expert witness testimony and physician reports

At Ward & Ward, we fully investigate and employ expert witnesses in cases where liability may be in question. Using an expert economist report or testimony,  we are able to assess the monetary loss of quality of life before and after a truck accident and use this information along with our lawyer’s experience and knowledge to leverage a fair settlement for Indiana truck accident victims and their families.

Call Charlie Ward today at 317-639-9501 if you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an accident involving a commercial semi truck or 18 wheeler.

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What Can Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer Do For You?

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney - Semi- Truck AccidentsCompensation for deserving families or injured victims of a trucking accident

Trucking accidents or 18 wheeler accidents impact lives on a large scale and have lasting consequences. When negligence is involved, injured victims deserve full compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies may be quick to initiate a truck accident settlement in Indiana. However, it is essential to consult with an experienced truck accident attorney in Indianapolis before accepting any settlement offers or you may risk settling for much less than you deserve.

Because of their size, commercial trucks accidents cause greater personal injuries and deaths

Hands down, big trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the Indiana highways and roadways. Roughly 500,000 accidents each year involve trucks. Because of the massive size and weight of the big rig and the dangerous loads they often carry, truck accidents cause significantly more severe injuries and deaths — about 100,000 and 5,000 respectively—in the United States every year.

Possible factors of a tractor-trailer accident claim

Many of the accidents trucks cause are the result of a lethal mixture of these factors:

  • Exhaustion from long hauls
  • Distraction
  • The truck’s inability to quickly respond in an emergency because of the truck’s size, longer braking distance, more difficult maneuverability, and driver visibility
  • Inadequate maintenance conducted by the trucking company or driver
  • Inadequate driver training or records reviews by the trucking company, which result in dangerous or poorly prepared fleet drivers

No two Indiana truck accidents are the same. How much your truck accident settlement is worth depends on a number of factors including:

  • The extent of injuries
  • How your injuries impact your life and livelihood
  • Where the accident claim is filed
  • The ability of your attorney to present a compelling case

A law firm with experience negotiating and settling truck accident claims in Indiana. If the insurance company won’t give you a fair settlement, we will take your case to trial for the best possible result.

At Ward & Ward Law Firm, our lawyers interview clients, eye witnesses, police and expert witnesses to get to the facts. We leverage our experience in trucking accident lawsuits to obtain the best settlements possible for Indiana truck accident victims and their families.

Call Charlie Ward today at 317-639-9501 for the best settlement possible if you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a truck accident.

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What Information Do You Need to Collect After a Trucking Accident?

What should you do immediately following a truck accident?

In the moments immediately following a trucking accident, most people are understandably shaken.  When cars and trucks collide, serious and sometimes fatal injuries result.

Knowing what to do ahead of time can infuse a sense of calm and preparedness into an otherwise chaotic moments

  • Medical care – The first priority in any accident is to seek medical attention.  Be sure everyone involved is properly examined, and see a medical professional to make sure your injuries are documented.  Even if you feel fine initially, it is still important to obtain medical attention as soon as possible since injuries may not be immediately visible.
  • Involve the police – In most cases, the police will respond quickly to the scene because of the dangers involved in a truck accident.  If possible, find out if any traffic citations are issued, take note of the names and badge numbers of the officers, and obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Details from the scene – If at all possible, take notes and photos at the accident scene to document injuries and damage to the vehicles.  Note the details of other vehicles involved, and record information about weather and road conditions.
  • Witness and driver information – Be sure to collect names and contact information from any witnesses as well as a statement if possible.  Also, obtain driver’s license numbers and insurance information from the other drivers.  Your attorney can request other crucial evidence, including the truck’s black box, data system, log book, and maintenance records.
  • Refrain from speaking about the accident – Do not talk about the accident, admit fault, or place blame.  Anything you say can be used against you and may alter the course of your case.  Your Indianapolis truck accident attorney should be allowed to view your situation before any further action is taken.

Seek guidance from an experienced truck accident attorney

It is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.  Many cases are won or lost based on the events immediately following an accident.  Trucking companies have investigative teams ready to respond to the scene within hours of an accident to try to minimize any damaging evidence.  The sooner your Indianapolis truck accident lawyer gets on board, the sooner crucial evidence can be preserved.  The impact of a trucking accident can last a lifetime.  Having an experienced lawyer who fights for your best interests can make all the difference.

At Ward & Ward Law Firm, we fight for justice for those injured due to the reckless and negligent actions of a driver in any kind of vehicle.  Our knowledgeable and experienced Indianapolis trucking accident law firm and personal injury advocates are here to help.

To discuss your personal injury and estate planning matters, contact Charlie Ward of Ward & Ward Law Firm at 317-639-9501 to arrange a free consultation.  We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.