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Trucking Lawyer Indianapolis Trucking Lawyer Indianapolis

Questions About Trucking Accidents Answered

Our trucking lawyer Indianapolis residents rely on knows that there can be a significant amount of uncertainty that comes with sharing the road with large trucks. When on the road, there is an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with sharing the road with semi-trucks. The impact on victims can be severe, especially when a truck driver does not carefully operate a large truck. In some cases, this may even have a long term impact. Unfortunately, fatalities may occur as a result. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, we know that you will have several questions following a trucking accident. Our Indianapolis trucking lawyer can help to provide victims and their families with the guidance needed in the wake of a trucking accident. We have taken the time to put together the answers to all the questions you may be experiencing: 

Why might a trucking accident occur?

The commercial trucking industry plays a critical role in the country’s economy. Each day, cargo is transported across the country by commercial trucks. The pressures can be enormous, resulting in a significant amount of stress. As a result, trucking companies and truckers may cut corners despite the strict timeframes and expectations in place. Our Indianapolis trucking lawyer shares the common reasons victims may experience a trucking accident:

Why is a trucking accident so much more severe than a collision between two cars?

The sheer impact can result in serious life-threatening injuries; unfortunately, fatalities might result when large truck accidents are involved. Large trucks weigh far more than a motor vehicle. The sheer weight and size alone can be incredibly severe and even detrimental to all who are involved. Semi-truck accidents can impact victims and their families. Our trucking lawyer in Indianapolis shares that injuries can be catastrophic and even fatal. 

If I am in a trucking accident, what types of damages might I be entitled to?

If you are considering taking legal action, know that you must have suffered damages from the accident in order to do so. Injuries were likely to have been severe, even catastrophic following a trucking accident. Common damages our Indianapolis trucking lawyer has helped victims to obtain following a trucking accident include:

What steps should I take if I have fallen victim to a trucking accident?

Chances are, your injuries are severe in the wake of a trucking accident. You must seek medical assistance as soon as you can. You deserve the best chance at a full recovery, which is why failure to take action and seek medical care can be detrimental. Your injuries may be incredibly debilitating, which is why it’s in your best interest to seek medical assistance from a professional. Our trucking accident lawyer serving Indianapolis knows that the results can be devastating when injuries are left untreated. In some cases, if you fail to seek medical care, you stand to experience underlying injuries that could be life-threatening. Keep in mind, care from a doctor also produces essential medical documentation that could assist you in proving your case. 

How can I hold the negligent party liable with the assistance of an Indianapolis trucking lawyer?

Following an accident, the impact can be devastating. Our trucking lawyer in Indianapolis can play a critical role in helping accident victims to obtain damages from a car accident. There are several complexities when taking legal action following a trucking accident, which is why legal assistance fro Ward & Ward Law Firm is essential. We can help you to take action against the responsible party. We can guide you in determining who should be held accountable, whether it be the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, or the truck driver. 

To learn more about how our Indianapolis trucking lawyer can help you following an accident, contact Ward & Ward Law Firm today.


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