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Riding a motorcycle carries different risks than driving a car. You don’t have the frame of the car to protect you in case of an accident, and there aren’t any airbags or seat belts. You can imagine how serious a motorcycle accident could be when compared to a car accident, but you don’t have to deal with the aftermath on your own. The following are five things you should do after a motorcycle accident.

1. Check for Injuries

Take an inventory of your situation and check yourself for injuries. Chances are there will be some, but you should check to see how serious the situation is. If you are able, check others involved in the accident to see if they are injured. If there is any first aid you can provide, do so until the paramedics arrive.

2. Call the Police

You should always call the police after being involved in an auto accident. The police officer who arrives at your accident scene can make a report of what happened. As a motorcycle accident lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca, LLC can explain, the report can become critical evidence that you’ll need to make your case when you file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. When you are on the phone with the dispatcher, be sure to let him or her know of any injuries so the paramedics can also be dispatched to the scene.

3. Swap Information

With any other drivers involved in the accident, swap information. This would include names and contact information, insurance information, and details about the car. If any driver refuses to give you this information, you can typically obtain it from the police report.

4. Collect Evidence

If you are able, take pictures at the scene of your accident so you can use them as evidence to prove your case at a later time. If there were any witnesses to your accident, ask them to jot down their names and phone numbers. Again, the police report should contain all of this information as well, but not every officer is as thorough as you might like. 

As you receive medical care for your injuries, be sure you keep every medical document as well. This includes treatment summaries, bills and anything else that would help to show how serious your injuries are and how much they will cost.

5. Get Medical Care

Your health is one of the most important things you need to take care of. If your injuries are quite serious, you might ride in an ambulance to the emergency room. If you feel they’re only slight, you could have a friend take you to see your doctor.

Contact an Attorney

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, the injuries could get pretty bad. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney so you can start the compensation process today.

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