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Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis IN

Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis IN

Car Accident Lawyer - Indianapolis, IN

After a car accident, one of the first questions you may have involves whether you have a case to bring forward regarding your accident. Although you may feel hesitant about contacting an experienced Indianapolis, Indiana car accident lawyer, it is important to do so in a timely manner so that you can preserve your legal options and ultimately receive the compensation that you deserve. If you or another passenger in your vehicle suffered injuries, if you had to take time off work or if your vehicle sustained significant damage, you may have cause for legal action against anyone who contributed to the harm you have suffered. Working with an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm can help you to recover any financial damages you may be entitled to. 

Were You or Other Passengers Injured?

Injuries are often what brings a person to contact an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer in the wake of a collision. Injuries can affect every part of your daily life and make it harder for you to do the things that you used to enjoy. You may also submit a claim if another party in your vehicle was injured in the incident to protect his or her rights as well.

Did You Have To Take Time Off Work?

Having an accident can unfortunately lead to having to take time off work, which can put a strain on your career as well as your wallet. Loss of working hours leads to a lower paycheck, which can greatly affect your ability to pay necessary medical bills after a traumatic car wreck. It is important that you disclose any loss of work and wages that you experienced when speaking with your Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer so that this information can be factored into the legal strategy for your case. 

Was Your Personal Property Badly Damaged?

Insurance companies rarely want to pay to replace your vehicle with one of comparable value or to give you enough money to repair your damaged vehicle. However, many people need a personal vehicle to get to and from work and other daily activities; many rely on a personal vehicle as their sole means of transportation. So, if your vehicle was badly damaged and you feel that you did not receive fair restitution for it, contact an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer to learn what steps to take next.

When You Have Been Injured By A Drunk Driver

If you are the victim of a drunk driver, and he or she was sentenced to prison, you may be concerned about recovering damages. As a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, we help victims of DUI drivers who injured them. Depending on the nature and extent of your damages, you may have multiple legal options for getting justice. However, every case is different so it’s important to discuss your circumstances with our car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN. Call us today to request a no-obligation case review.

What is a DUI driver?

DUI stands for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. What constitutes “under the influence” varies by state. If the driver who caused your accident was charged with DUI it means that their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was above the maximum percentage. If the driver was drug impaired rather than alcohol impaired, the process is different for detecting this infraction.

What are the legal ramifications for a DUI conviction?

If the driver was charged with a DUI, it is a criminal offense, and a serious one. Your car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN can provide detailed information specific to the actual circumstances as they are handled under Indiana] law. Depending on the BAC of the driver, they may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony for DUI. If they are found guilty, a felony charge could result in them going to prison. Other factors that can influence their scenario:

If the driver injured someone, they may be charged with a crime in addition to the crime of DUI. Depending on the circumstances of how the driver injured you, they may be charged with attempted homicide, reckless driving, or a misdemeanor. If they killed someone while DUI, they may be charged with involuntary manslaughter or felony vehicular homicide.

Can I sue the driver?

Though the driver who caused your accident may have been arrested for being intoxicated or drunk at the time of your accident, that doesn’t mean you can’t seek recovery of your damages from them. This still applies even if they are found guilty of a felony that results in a prison sentence. Our car accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN can represent your best interests in the pursuit of compensation from the DUI driver. The timing of when to file the legal paperwork for the lawsuit may be critical so it’s important to contact us at Ward & Ward Law Firm as soon as possible. Our DUI lawyer will be pleased to discuss your case at no charge for the initial consultation so call us today.

Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident, one of your next steps should be to hire a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN. However, with so many different lawyers out there, you may wonder how to choose the right one. If you ask certain questions during the consultation, you can find the right lawyer.

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Hiring an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer is often not the first thing people think to do after an accident, but it is a necessary step in securing the compensation and repairs that are rightfully yours. If you have been involved in an accident and need to know if you have a claim, contact the legal team at Ward & Ward Law Firm to explore your legal options. We look forward to speaking with you.

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