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Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyer Indianapolis, INIf you suffered an injury while under anesthesia, you should talk to an anesthesia malpractice lawyer Indianapolis, IN residents trust. Anesthesiologists have a very high duty of care and can cause life-threatening injuries in patients if they are negligent. A skilled lawyer can help you file a timely medical malpractice lawsuit and protect your legal rights.

Types of Anesthesia

The type of medical procedure you undergo will dictate the kind of anesthesia you receive. Not all procedures require the patient to be completely unconscious. 

Local anesthesia numbs a small area and can be injected or applied as a topical solution. Minor procedures, such as removing moles or filling a cavity, typically use local anesthesia. 

Regional anesthesia numbs a larger section of the body and still allows the patient to remain conscious. It is typically used for procedurals like epidurals and hand surgery.

Common Anesthesia Errors

While anesthesia is necessary for surgeries, it comes with risks and requires close monitoring. If an anesthesiologist is negligent, errors are more likely to occur. Here are the most common anesthesia errors an anesthesia malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, IN sees:

If you are the victim of an anesthesia error, you should schedule a consultation with an anesthesia malpractice lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm today to discuss your case in detail.

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