Auto Accident Lawyer in University Heights, IN

Auto Accident Lawyer in University Heights, INWhen you’re in an auto accident and need a  University Heights accident lawyer, you might have questions about gaining compensation for your damages. It’s not unusual to need advice. But when dealing with insurance companies and claims, hire attorneys who limit their practice to personal injury law. At Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, we know injury law. And we stay current on judicial opinions and legislation that may affect your claim.

How Much Compensation Can I Win?

Compensation depends on many factors. Your bodily injuries, the dollar amount of medical bills, future medical bills, and your physician’s prognosis. If you have a disability, unable to work or have real concerns for future earning capacity, that will factor in as well.

Insurance companies are going to try to pay the least amount ever. But an experienced attorney can help you get everything you deserve. You don’t want to accept any early offers of settlement because it’ll be much less than an attorney could get you.

What If My Claim Is Worth More Than the Insurance Policy?

A personal injury lawyer knows how to receive additional compensation to make up the difference between the limits of the at-fault driver’s policy and the value of your damages. Your own uninsured motorist coverage may cover the extra compensation. These options can be discussed with your attorney. 

Monetary compensation for damages will not fix everything, but a good settlement or award can pay for future surgeries, home and transportation adaptations, and loss of wages, especially if you’ve suffered life-altering injuries.

What Do I Do About My Bills, If I Cannot Work?

Lost wages might be able to be claimed on your insurance claim. However, you’d need to work with an experienced lawyer who has put in the time to understand insurance claims and car accidents. Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers   9 decades of experience altogether and are very competent when it comes to dealing with insurance firms.

Should I Avoid Social Media?

An accident attorney with experience will ask their clients to abstain from posting on social media apps. Photos, text messages, and posts can call aspects of your claim into question. For example, if you’re suing for loss of future earnings, you really shouldn’t be posting photos of yourself at a party, after the accident. Social media posts are often part of discovery. And the insurance company may claim that your injuries will not affect your future earning capacity.

Seek an auto accident attorney with experience in personal injury law

If you’re in a car accident and need a lawyer, reach out to Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, because their car accident lawyer in University Heights, IN are prepared to help you get the most compensation that you can be awarded.

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