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Auto Accident Attorney Beech Grove INWhen you’re in an auto accident look for a Beech Grove auto accident attorney that can answer your questions. It’s valid to have questions, dealing with insurance companies and lawsuits are best left to attorneys who are experienced, such as the ones at Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers.

Am I Partially At Fault for the Crash?

Insurance companies like to convince accident victims that they were at fault, fully or partially. This is because they want to reduce their financial exposure for your injuries and damages.

Because of this, your Beech Grove accident attorney will need to review your claim to ensure that they know what kind of fault—if any—you may bear and how much the at-fault driver bears. Understanding this can help your lawyer determine who was most negligible and at-fault for the accident.

How Much Compensation Can I Win with a trusted Beech Grove accident attorney?

Compensation depends on many factors. Your medical report, the medical bills that you wrack up while treating your injuries, and the future prognosis your physician gives you regarding your injury. If you’re potentially disabled, cannot work, or have lost a lot of wages, that might factor in as well.

Insurance companies are going to try to pay the least amount ever. But an experienced attorney can help you get everything you deserve. You don’t want to accept any early offers of settlement because it’ll be much less than an attorney could get you.

What If My Claim Is Worth More Than the Insurance Policy?

You may be able to receive additional compensation to make up the difference between the limits of the at-fault driver’s policy and the value of your damages. Your own uninsured motorist policy may cover the extra compensation. Your Beech Grove accident attorney will discuss this with you.

What Do I Do About My Bills If I Cannot Work?

You may be able to make a claim for lost wages, past, present, and future. However, you’d need to work with an experienced lawyer who has put in the time to understand insurance claims and car accidents. Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers has more than a century of combined experience and their attorneys are very competent when it comes to dealing with insurance firms.

Should I Avoid Social Media?

You don’t need to avoid social media entirely. But you should never discuss your accident on any kind of social media forum. Photos and social media discussions are discoverable evidence. And when photos and statements are taken out of context by the other side, your claim may be damaged. Photos can make your injuries look less severe, and that may prompt the insurance company to claim that your injuries are not severe.

Call a Beech Grove accident attorney before you speak with the insurance company

If you’re in a car accident and need a lawyer, reach out to Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, because their auto accident attorneys in Beech Grove IN are prepared to help you get the most compensation that you can be awarded.

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