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Bodily Injury Law Firm Indianapolis, INIf you sustained a bodily injury in a car accident, you should speak to a lawyer from a bodily injury law firm Indianapolis, IN residents trust. What happened to you was unjust and you deserve to be compensated for that. A lawyer will help you file a timely claim and ensure your legal rights are protected.

What to Do After Suffering a Bodily Injury

  • Contact the Police: If you suffered an injury during an auto accident, the first thing you have to do is call the police. They will come to the scene of the accident scene and make a report. This report will include important information about the accident, such as the names of the people involved, where it occurred and whether or not intoxication was linked to the accident.
  • Take Photos: Photos are one of the most important pieces of evidence you can have in a car accident case, so take plenty of the accident scene. Capture shots of all the vehicles involved, traffic signs, skid marks on the road and your injuries. If you’re too hurt to take the photos of yourself, ask a bystander to help.
  • Talk to Witnesses: If anybody saw the accident take place, don’t be afraid to go up to them and ask them what they saw. Ask them for their full names and contact information. They may be able to testify on your behalf later on.
  • Get Medical Attention: It’s important to seek emergency medical care as soon as possible. Even if your injuries seem fairly minor now, you never know if they will get worse over time. A doctor will assess your injuries and determine the best course of treatment.
  • Consult a Lawyer: Filing an injury lawsuit against someone else isn’t an easy task. When you’re trying to recover from an injury, dealing with a lawsuit becomes even more stressful. If you hire a lawyer from a bodily injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN, he or she will do all the legwork for you and take some stress off your back.

Compensation for Bodily Injuries

If you endured a bodily injury, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. If your doctor determines that your injury will impact your life for a long duration, you may also receive compensation for future medical costs.

A personal injury attorney Indianapolis, IN residents trust can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you sustained a bodily injury because of another person’s negligence, you should schedule a consultation with a lawyer from a bodily injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN, like Ward & Ward Law Firm today.

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