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A pet accident attorney University Heights, IN trusts may be able to help you if your pet received injuries in an accident.

Pet accident attorney University Heights, IN looks to for help recommends keeping your pet safe

What happens if my pet is injured in a car crash? This happens frequently because a lot of people don’t know how to best keep their pet safe while they’re in the car with them. Vet bills are not cheap and can cost you an arm or leg. It’s best to learn how to keep your pet safe—they make pet seat belts, pet car seats, and more.

But, can you file a claim if your pet is injured in a car accident that you’re not at fault for?

Can I file a claim for my injured pet?

Pets are considered your property. That means you might want to reach out to a personal property attorney, if a car accident attorney in University Heights IN doesn’t feel like they have enough knowledge to handle your case.

Because pets are legal property, the at-fault driver might be financially responsible for your pets’ care. They’re property that was damaged in an accident that they caused, and this means they should have insurance that’ll help you cover your animal’s care.

Good news for pet owners

Liability coverage only pays for the victim to receive medical treatment. But property insurance will cover the victim’s car and other personal property in the vehicle at the time of the accident—such as a pet! 

Insurance policies differ in coverage

But how much would the insurance really cover? That’s where you want an experienced car accident attorney in University Heights, IN, such as the ones available at Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers. They’re going to be able to use their more than 9 decades of experience to better help you.

Some insurance policies may only cover what you paid for the animal—aka, their value. So if you only paid an adoption fee of $500, that’s all you’ll get back. But not all insurance policies are the same. That’s why you need a lawyer who knows insurance in and out.

Find out what your insurance covers, too. And what about purchasing pet insurance for your pets? That can help you with treating your animal after an accident—or even just regular, run-of-the-mill vet care. Pet insurance will cover regular visits, chronic conditions, and more.

So regardless of whether you consider your pet property or not, we know most pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be family, the insurance will call them property.

Social media advice

You’ll want to refrain from posting on social media about your pet injuries and placing blame publicly. After all, if you’re still trying to settle, you don’t want to look like you’ve made an assumption about someone.

Let your car accident attorney in University Heights, IN do that for you, through the proper channels with the proper etiquette. It’ll serve you better, and it’ll make it all worth it in the end, when your attorney gets you the maximum pet compensation that they possibly can.

Reach out to a pet accident attorney in University Heights, IN today, Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers has your back.

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