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Car Accident Lawyer Brightwood INIf you or a loved one have recently been in a car accident, then rest assured that you are not alone. Numerous people have had to go through car accidents of varying levels of severity. What follows a car accident can be a long and arduous process of dealing with insurance and possibly recovering from sustained injuries. If you believe that the car accident was due to somebody else’s negligence or that you are being wrongfully accused of being the cause of the accident, then it’s time to reach out to a car accident lawyer in Brightwood, IN from Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers. Our lawyers can assist you at every step of your case and assist you in getting the compensation that you deserve. 

Important Things to Know

Following the car accident, it is most likely that the police will arrive and gather statements and details about the accident. This will be compiled into something called a police report. It’s important to get a copy of this as it will be helpful later on when dealing with insurance and the other drivers. Determining who was at fault for the accident can be a tricky process and one that will dictate who pays for what for the accident. Your Brightwood, IN car accident lawyer from Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers can fill you in more on the details regarding at fault. 

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can be Helpful

Lawyers who specialize in car accidents have ample knowledge and skill in navigating the process following a car accident. They understand the critical details that can easily be overlooked and with their experience can help clients to achieve the settlements or other goals that they have for their possible lawsuit or case. If the case reaches court, then they know how to appeal a fault accusation or how to shed light on the culprit that was the true cause of the accident. This is why it is important to have an experienced Brightwood, Indiana car accident lawyer on your side. With our help, you may be able to receive a settlement for pain & suffering, property damage, lost wages from work, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out for the crucial assistance you need following your accident. 

Dealing With Car Insurance After an Accident

Our lawyers have seen it happen fairly often with different clients. When it seems like an accident was clearly not their fault (and the other party involved in the accident should seem obviously liable), they are lulled into a false sense of security. Even if you believe that this claim is easy and that it should be no problem to show that the other party is responsible, it is important to remember that the insurance company involved will have a huge advantage: this is the insurance adjuster’s job and it is something that they do every day. This is only one of the reasons you will want to have a lawyer on your side when you are filing a claim against another party after a car accident. 

How can you prepare to deal with the insurance company? 

At Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, we do our jobs so that you are not left dealing with insurance agents who will try to convince you they are on your side before offering you an extremely low settlement. If the other party’s insurance adjuster decides to give you a call after the accident, there are a few things you can prepare for:

They’ll want to record the call.

You may feel that you do not have a leg to stand on here. However, you have the right to decline the insurance agent recording your call. They do this so that they can go back over the details you give them later and use those details against you. You do not have to sit on the phone with them, answer their questions, and provide them with information while they record your conversation. 

Assess the damage.

This means the injuries, as well as any property damage. For example, if an insurance company is offering you a low settlement that seems like it has a big price tag, it may not truly cover the number of your future surgeries. Or, they may be giving you money to repair your car when you actually need a replacement car for “total” damages.

Let your lawyer negotiate.

One of the reasons you are probably working with a lawyer in the first place is because they can start dealing with the insurance agents. If your lawyer is telling you that the settlement they are offering is too low, trust that they will know the ins and outs of negotiating a more fair deal. They can ensure you are getting the settlement that you deserve after an accident. 

Get things in writing.

When you have come to an agreement with the insurance company, make sure your lawyer drafts all the necessary paperwork and gets everything in writing. This will save you a headache in the long run. 

Experienced Legal Counsel is Available

It’s important to know that you or your loved ones are not alone following a car accident. While the process may seem long and arduous, it will come to an end. With your legal counsel team handling your claim, you will have a much greater chance of being successful. Nobody should have to suffer after a car accident, especially when it wasn’t their fault. Reach out to Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers today to get the assistance that you need. Our lawyers have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, and desire to settle your case and bring you the settlement that you most certainly deserve.  

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