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Car Accident Lawyer in University Heights, INIf you have been involved in a car accident, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a car accident lawyer in University Heights, IN today. When you’re in an auto accident and seek out a car accident lawyer in University Heights, IN, you might have questions to ask them. It is normal to have questions. Dealing with insurance companies and lawsuits is best left to attorneys who are experienced, such as the personal injury lawyers at Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers.

Am I Partially At Fault for the Crash?

Insurance companies like to convince accident victims that they were at fault, fully or partially. This is because they want to reduce compensation for your injuries and damages, among other things. If the court deems that you were partially at fault (aka contributory fault), your compensation would be reduced by your percentage of fault.

Because of this, your lawye4 will need to review your claim to ensure that they know what kind of fault—if any—that you bear and the at-fault driver bears. Understanding this can help your lawyer determine who was most negligible and at-fault for the accident.

How Much Compensation Can I Win by Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in University Heights

Compensation depends on many factors. Your medical bills, the amount of medical bills that you wrack up while treating your injuries, and the kind of outlook your physician gives you regarding your injury. If you have a disability, cannot work, or have a loss of wages, that might factor in as well.

Insurance companies are going to try to pay the least amount ever. But an experienced attorney can help you get everything you deserve. You don’t want to accept any early offers of settlement because it’ll be much less than an attorney could get you.

What If My Claim Is Worth More Than the Insurance Policy?

You can receive compensation to make up the difference between the limits of the at-fault driver’s policy and the value of your damages. You may discuss these options with your family, and your car accident lawyer in University Heights, IN. Uninsured motorist coverage which is present in your own insurance may cover the extra compensation.

Should I Avoid Social Media?

The definition of “Discretion“:  Judicious in one’s conduct or speech, especially with regard to respecting privacy or maintaining silence about something of a delicate nature. Although you don’t need to avoid social media, do not post a single word about your crash, injuries, or treatment. Photos, text messages, and social media postings are available to the other side during the discovery stage. So be prudent and judicious about personal information when sharing online. In fact, I recommend my clients avoid social media altogether. Why? Defense attorneys may try to put a twist on your words by taking a post out of context. And the defense attorney’s position on your posts might make you look bad.

Social Media No-Nos

For example, if you’re suing for lost wages, you really shouldn’t be posting photos of yourself at a party. It can make your injuries look less severe in the eyes of the insurance company. Neither would you want to publicize that you were out buying brand new things, like computers, cars, and so forth? That can make it appear, to the insurance company, that you don’t really need compensation. You seem very well off and that might not go over so well for you. 

If you’re in a car accident and need a car accident lawyer in University Heights, IN, reach out to Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, because their car accident lawyers in University Heights, IN are prepared to help you get the most compensation that you can be awarded.

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