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Car Accident Injury Lawyers Indianapolis, INOur car accident injury lawyers Indianapolis, IN trusts knows will tell you that after being injured by another person’s actions, one of the most common questions victims have is how long they have to file personal injury lawsuit. This is a very vital piece of information to have. Naturally, you are going to want to take some time to recover before you turn your attention to filing your lawsuit. Luckily, the law gives injury victims plenty of time to recover. However, there is a time limit to file which you need to be aware of. Additionally, the exact length of this time limit varies depending on a few factors, which means you need to research the statute of limitations in your state. Ward & Ward Law Firm are car accident injury lawyers in Indianapolis, IN to learn more about how to pursue their case.

Your Time Limit

The amount of time you have to file a lawsuit is called the statute of limitations. If you try to file a car accident claim or lawsuit, or any other kind of lawsuit, after the statute of limitations has expired, the lawsuit will not be accepted as valid. In personal injury cases, the clock starts ticking at the time of the injury or the point at which you discovered your injuries. The length of your time limit depends on these two factors:

  • The type of lawsuit
  • The state the lawsuit is in

Your car accident injury lawyers in Indianapolis, IN shares that if you were injured by another person’s actions or inaction, then you will most likely be pursuing a personal injury case. This is most common when a car accident has occurred. The state you are in will still play a huge role in determining your statute of limitations. In the state of Indiana, the statute of limitations for car accidents is two years. There are only 10 US states where this is not the case. In these states, the statute of limitations is either one, four, five, or six years. 


Car accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN will tell you that there are few exceptions to the statute of limitations. Much of the time, if the statute of limitations has expired, you will lose your opportunity to take action.The discovery rule can shift the statute of limitations slightly, however, even if it cannot lengthen it. The discovery rule states that the statute of limitations does not begin counting down until the identity of the responsible person, or the injury itself, is discovered. In rare cases, the injury may be subtle at first. Other times, the person who causes your injury flees before you can get his or her information. In these cases, car accident injury lawyers in Indianapolis, IN wants you to know that the statute of limitations may  not begin right away. 

Ward & Ward Law Firm offer experienced lawyers who are prepared to help you take action in the wake of your car accident. For more information about how our car accident injury lawyers in Indianapolis, IN can help you, contact our firm today. 

Car Accident Injury Law Firm Indianapolis, IN

Car accident injury law firms Indianapolis, IN recommends know that more than likely, you’ve had a mishap or accident at some point in your life. The incident may have been minor and may have been your fault. Or, you simply could’ve had some bad luck. Many injuries don’t affect your day-to-day life or even require medical attention. However, if you are the victim of someone else’s negligence and suffer a significant injury, you may need the legal assistance of Ward & Ward Law Firm. You shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of heavy medical costs. An experienced car accident injury law firm Indianapolis, Indiana victims count on can help you get the financial help you need and hold the offender accountable. The professionals at Ward & Ward Law Firm will guide you in seeking  various damages from your accident.

Paying Medical Bills

You don’t have to be on the wrong end of a catastrophic accident to know that medical care can be expensive. Even the cost of moderate physical or emotional care can add up. When pursuing a car accident claim, you can seek damages to reimburse you for what you have already paid. The settlement may even pay off the medical providers directly. These damages include the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, medicine, medical equipment, surgeries and physical therapy.

Wages Lost

Our car accident injury law firm Indianapolis, IN victims turn to will tell you that serious injuries such as those to the brain or internal organs can make it impossible to return to work. You may be unable to make a living for a few weeks, months or years. Some accident victims are left permanently impaired. Damages from car accidents can also include wages you missed out on because you could not do your job. You may be able to recover damages from missed time away from work and even future earnings. 

Loss of Enjoyment

A car accident injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN can carefully review the circumstances of your case, including the extent of your injuries. The physical, mental and emotional toll can be high. Your injuries may hinder your ability to continue enjoying hobbies such as sports or traveling. They could even have an effect on your relationships at home. Ward & Ward Law Firm will work hard to negotiate a fair settlement to compensate for these losses.

Pain and Suffering

Settlement amounts can be large in this category which is why you should consult with a car accident injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN. The incident and results could have caused anguish and trauma. A car accident settlement can help ease the stress and anxiety you feel as a result.

As you understand the various types of damages, it may be in your best interest to consult with Ward & Ward Law Firm. Though recovering is difficult, your car accident injury law firm in Indianapolis, IN can give you the support you need.

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