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Car Crash Lawyer Indianapolis IN

Car Crash Lawyer Indianapolis

Car Crash Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

I’ve Been Hit By Someone Without Insurance – Now What?

One of the worst things you can hear when your vehicle is hit is that the driver has no insurance, as a car crash lawyer in Indianapolis knows all too well. The next worst thing is that they have insurance but it isn’t enough to cover your damages. Yet it’s estimated that as many as 13 percent of drivers are on the road without enough coverage should they cause an accident. Being hit by someone in this circumstance can seem like a nightmare. But there are remedies, chiefly underinsured motorist coverage. What is this coverage, how much does it cost and is it worth it? Keep reading to learn answers to this and other questions about protecting yourself from irresponsible drivers.

Understanding the Options

Ideally, anyone who is on the road has insurance with a minimum of $10,000 coverage should they cause an accident. Unfortunately that’s not the case, as a car crash lawyer in Indianapolis can attest. The good news is you have options to protect yourself sHould you be in a wreck with someone falling into this underinsured category. The two main remedies are:

Both of these are add-ons that you make to your own auto insurance policy for a fee.  The cost varies based on the carrier. But in general expect to pay less than half the cost of your liability coverage for a benefit that can truly come in handy.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Let’s say you’re in a wreck that leaves your car with $10,000 in damages, but discover the other driver’s insurance only covers up to $5,000 in damage. Where are you supposed to get the difference? This is where underinsured motorist coverage comes in. Underinsured motorist coverage will cover the gap between what the other driver’s insurance pays and what you need, up to the limits that you choose, as a car crash lawyer in Indianapolis can explain.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Driving without insurance is prohibited in every state, and yet it’s estimated some 32 million drivers do it every day. If one of them hits you, you can be in for major expenses – unless you have uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage offers you protection when you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver and shouldn’t impact your premiums as long as you weren’t at fault.

It’s an unfortunate reality that for many reasons, there are uninsured drivers on the road. Get one of the policies listed above to protect yourself from them. And if you’ve already been hit, talk to a car crash lawyer in Indianapolis from Ward & Ward Law Firm as soon as possible to explore other options for getting your bills paid.

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