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Sadly, injuries caused by preventable accidents are all too common of an occurrence. Although the circumstance surrounding these accidents may vary, the results are often the same. Often people are left to deal with heavy medical bills and suffer lost wages. 

This can leave people struggling to not only engage in work but also in hobbies and activities that they once enjoyed. This is why a lawyer is there to help you get full and fair compensation. However, there are things that can get you in trouble. We’ve put together a list of what to avoid when filing for a personal injury claim. 

  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident 

It is important to remain on the scene of an accident long enough for law enforcement to be notified and to have a police report filed. You should make note of the time of day and the circumstances surrounding your injuries, the names of everyone involved, and any witnesses at the scene. Leaving without this reporting robs you of valuable evidence and will jeopardize your rights to compensation. 

  • Not Keeping Track of Medical Records and Other Documents 

It is important that you get medical attention as soon as possible, even if your injuries are minor. Many serious and potentially disabling conditions such as head, back, and neck injuries have symptoms that take days or even weeks to appear. You should keep track of your medical records and the names of everyone you’ve seen. You also need to keep any documents showing lost wages you have suffered and any additional costs you incurred. 

  • Exaggerating Your Injuries 

It can be tempting to exaggerate your injuries in order to get more compensation. When reporting your injuries to your doctor you need to be honest and avoid exaggerating your condition. You shouldn’t discuss your injuries with the insurance company or give the insurer access to your medical records without talking to an attorney. 

  • Making Statements to Insurance Companies 

When people think that insurance companies are on their side, they can often get fooled. These companies are just that. They are a business and as such their bottom line is profit. This gives them the motive to deny or undervalue claims. Any statements that you make about your accident or the activities before or after, will be used against you. If you have to speak to an insurance company then you need to have a lawyer there. 

  • Talking About Your Inuires on Social Media 

While most of us enjoy keeping in touch with our friends and posting on social media, it is important to realize it is one of the first places insurance companies go to investigate claims. They will take things out of context. They will use your posts against you. It is there to be used as evidence that you aren’t as hurt as you said you were. To protect your personal injury claim, stay off of social media. 

If you have more questions about what an Indianapolis, IN personal injury lawyer can do for you then don’t hesitate to reach out to one like our friends at Ward & Ward Law Firm


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