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Asbestos litigation Lawyers Indianapolis, INIf you lost someone close to you due to complications from to an injury caused by someone else, it may still be possible to pursue justice on their behalf. With the help of a wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for fatally injuring your loved one. However, there are restrictive laws about wrongful death suits. It’s important to call Ward & Ward Law Firm and speak with our wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN to learn about your legal options.

Establishing the Cause of Death

To begin with, it will be critical for your wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN to prove that your loved one’s death was directly caused by the injury they incurred by another party. Proof may come in the form of the deceased’s medical records, witness testimony about the accident and your loved one’s quality of life, and other pertinent evidence.

Eligibility for Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Not everyone can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a deceased victim, even with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN. In most cases, eligibility for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in the following order:

  • The surviving spouse
  • The surviving children
  • The parents of the deceased
  • The deceased’s estate

Compensation for a Wrongful Death

The representative of the deceased might file a lawsuit with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN. An integral part of the lawsuit is a detailed accounting of losses associated with the victim’s death. No dollar amount can compensate for the death, but other costs can be included. For example:

  • The amount of income that is lost from the time of the deceased’s death until such time as they likely would have retired. This includes retirement benefits, stock options, etc.
  • The deceased’s medical bills associated with their fatal injury.
  • The cost of the deceased’s funeral.
  • The pain and suffering that the deceased experienced from their injury.
  • The costs associated with any modifications made to the victim’s home to accommodate their injury, such as a wheelchair ramp, etc.

Distribution of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Award

At the conclusion of a successful wrongful death lawsuit, the judge or jury will award a settlement. This amount must be paid by the defendant to the plaintiff who brought the lawsuit.

  • The award will turned over to the plaintiff’s wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN who will subtract their fees and court costs.
  • Any outstanding debt from the deceased’s estate will be paid out of the settlement award.
  • Any payments that were already made on behalf of the deceased will be repaid from the remaining settlement award.
  • Any remaining funds will be distributed to the deceased’s estate, and subsequently to their heirs.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

Every case is different, and you likely have questions about your eligibility to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party who you feel caused your loved one’s death. Allow an experienced and skilled wrongful death lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm to review your circumstances to let you know how we can help you. This introductory review will be at no charge to you. With the insight you gain, you may receive clarification about what legal option may best serve justice. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a wrongful death lawyer Indianapolis, IN is proud to have in the community.

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