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Find a Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Find a Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Find a Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

If you or a loved one were injured in an Indiana car accident, you might need to file a claim against the other driver or their insurance company to be compensated for your injuries and losses. Your claim likely won’t be successful without proof that the other motorist was to blame for the accident. To help with this process, you may need to find a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN.

Typically, it’s up to you to prove your claim against the other driver by providing sound evidence. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, each experienced Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer can work to ensure that the other driver is held liable by representing you in a personal injury lawsuit. However, there are a few things you can do in the aftermath of the accident that can help support your claim.

Gather Evidence from the Accident Scene

-Call 911

After a car accident, call 911 to notify police of the crash and attain their help. If you or anyone else is hurt, make sure to tell the 911 dispatcher that information. Also, inform them if anyone is trapped in a vehicle, or if there are other dangers at the accident scene.

-Get medical attention

Do not refuse medical care at the scene, as you may need it, and it may be essential for your claim. If emergency medical providers at the scene don’t recommend you be taken directly to the hospital, make plans to see a doctor the same day or as soon as possible. If you refuse or delay medical treatment, it can ruin your chances of compensation. An insurance professional or attorney for the other motorist may be quick to deny your claim, using the argument that the accident didn’t cause your injuries.

-Take pictures

If you’re able, get your phone out and take photos of all the vehicles and the damages. Photographs are very useful pieces of evidence. Take as many pictures and videos as possible using your smartphone camera or another device. Video with sound capability might capture the negligent driver admitting fault for the collision. If you aren’t able, ask someone else to help you.

-Get witness statements

You should also speak with and write down the recollections of any witnesses to the accident. The police officers who arrive at the scene of the accident may not have the time or personnel to interview all the witnesses or get their statements. However, witness statements are essential, particularly if they saw the other driver being careless, reckless, or engaging in wrongful conduct right before the accident.

-Acquire police reports

Accident investigations by police officers can be quite helpful as evidence for your claim. If you have any information about why the other driver caused the accident, such as them using a cell phone, be sure to tell the officer at the scene.

Find a Car Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Even if you can walk away from a car accident, you may need to find an Indianapolis, IN car accident lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm to get a fair settlement. Contact us to get the help you need to fight for fair compensation, and schedule a consultation to find out what an experienced car accident lawyer can do for you.

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