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If you were involved in an accident as a pedestrian, particularly if you were injured and the accident was not your fault, you can file a pedestrian accident lawsuit to assist in covering any medical bills or other recovery expenses that result from the accident. While the idea of filing a lawsuit may seem daunting and unnecessary to some people, the expenses you incur could easily add up to much more than expected, particularly if your medical insurance doesn’t cover everything.

Statute of Limitations

Depending on where you live, each state has its own statute of limitations for filing a pedestrian accident case. This determines how much time you have to file your case, which ranges from one to six years. Check with your state’s laws to ensure you know how long you have to file your case before it is no longer possible. It is always best to file as quickly as possible after the accident so there are no surprises that delay the process past the statute of limitations, and while the details are fresh in your mind, as well as any witnesses you may need to call on.

After the Accident

After the accident occurs, you will want to do a few things to ensure you can claim damages when the time comes to prove your case. Note: if you were partially at fault, this will impact your recovery.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene and collect any physical evidence that seems relevant.
  • If there are any witnesses, make notes of conversations you have, and collect contact information if they’re willing to help prove your case.
  • Write down as many details from the accident as you can, especially noting injuries, medical bills, and lost wages if you’ve been unable to work because of the accident.
  • When you’re ready, notify the responsible party of your intentions to file a claim against them for your injuries.

Claim Your Recoveries

Being involved in a pedestrian car accident can be incredibly devastating, and complicated. On top of being injured, it might be overwhelming to also organize everything required to file a lawsuit to cover your potentially large financial losses. A lawyer can handle the required paperwork and keep things moving forward while you are more focused on your health and recovery.

Contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm to ensure your case is handled correctly the first time, that you have all the necessary documents filled out correctly, and that you’ve collected enough evidence to claim the recoveries you deserve.

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