No-fault Coverage

Streamlining auto insurance benefits

The desire to reduce the large expenditures of time and money made in the course of operating the motor vehicle insurance business and the accompanying system of tort law in the United States has led to a number of initiatives aimed at simplifying and streamlining the ways in which auto insurance coverage is provided and benefits under auto insurance policies are paid. The system of no-fault insurance, sometimes called personal injury protection, is one result of such efforts.

No-fault Coverage

No-fault insurance coverage essentially provides a less expansive insurance coverage than that of the traditional system, limiting the right of parties to bring traditional fault-based legal actions and the availability of certain types of damages that cannot be directly measured in economic terms, such as damages for what the law terms “pain and suffering,” which often make up the bulk of the damages awarded in a traditional court action. In return, the no-fault system attempts to indemnify persons who have suffered personal injury or property damage in an auto accident more quickly and efficiently than can be accomplished by traditional methods, and also to reduce costs for all the participants in the insurance system. No-fault insurance laws often contain exceptions to their limitations on coverage and allow the bringing of traditional court actions in cases in which serious injuries are involved.

Insurance governed by state law

The business of insurance in the United States, including that of motor vehicle insurance, historically has been governed by the law of each state rather than by a unified body of federal law. The answers to such questions as whether no-fault insurance coverage is available, and the nature and extent of such coverage where it is available will vary widely from state to state.

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