Overcoming Jury Bias in Indianapolis, IN Motorcycle Accident Cases

Non-Riders’ Misperceptions of CyclistsCall Charlie Ward at 317-639-9501

Focus groups have found that non-riding members of juries often perceive motorcyclists as risk-takers. Legends of James Dean and Marlon Brando perpetuate this ‘bad boy’ stereotype. And while not everyone shares these opinions, an experienced personal injury lawyer will differentiate their client from the common misperception before the defense can exploit any initial negative perceptions. By establishing plaintiff’s role in the community, their family life, and by submitting evidence of education and employment history, a real person begins to flesh out early on allowing jury members to form more honest and realistic opinions.

“It has been said that verdicts in motorcycle crash cases can be expected to come in 25% lower than those of an otherwise similar automobile crash.”  [Unique Intricacies of the Motorcycle Crash Case, The Lawyers Logbook, Aug.-Sept. 2011] Regardless of jurists’ personal feelings toward cyclists, the personal injury attorney has the responsibility of instructing the jury that a motorcycle rider injured or killed as a result of another driver’s negligence, enjoys the same legal rights as every car and truck driver on the road, that is the right to full compensation for injuries, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and all other remedies available by law.

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