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As a car accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts, I find that some people innocently trust defendant insurance companies to compensate them fairly and squarely for injuries they received in an accident caused by their insured.  For any number of reasons, these same people forego their own legal representation. Unfortunately, this single choice often incurs consequences that permanently limit the amount of compensation an injured person may receive.

Insurance companies have attorneys. Shouldn’t you lawyer up?

Often, when it’s too late and the statute of limitations has very nearly run out, they want and need competent legal representation to adequately compensate them for medical bills as well as other damages. You see, Indiana generally has a two-year statute of limitations on filing a personal injury lawsuit—that’s two years from the date of the injury. Insurance defense attorneys know this and have, on occasion, been known to shrewdly stall the injured victim until it becomes too late to file a lawsuit.

When is it too late to hire a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN?

This depends upon the facts of the crash. Because the car accident lawyer needs to convey correct and true factual details in the Complaint, the incident must be fully investigated. It can take time for a case to be researched and examined.

The following list includes a few of the items on the preliminary fact-finding checklist:

  1. Attorney/client discussion of the accident;
  2. Review the client’s insurance policy(ies);
  3. Study the completed accident report and discuss with investigating officer(s);
  4. Review available photographs;
  5. A visit to the scene of the accident may be required;
  6. Locate and interview witnesses if any exist;
  7. Order and review the client’s medical records;
  8. Follow the client’s medical progress;
  9. Track the client’s medical bills;
  10. Communicate with medical providers;
  11. An order to halt the destruction of evidence may be required;
  12. The collection and examination of black box data may be necessary;
  13. Define one or more party responsible parties;
  14. Ascertain whether at-fault driver was driving for employer;
  15. Research multiple layers of corporate structure to determine who the responsible parties are to be named in the suit.

As your attorney performs the above tasks, strategies begin to develop that will gain the maximum amount of compensation for your damages.

Hire a car accident lawyer who limits their practice to, and knows personal injury law

Insurance companies advertise to gain your trust. In 2018 alone, the industry spent $6.7B dollars just on advertising. It’s best not to allow good judgment to be clouded by a false sense of benign confidence in the insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer will work on your behalf to recover the compensation you need to become legally whole again.

Before you speak to an insurance company, call the car accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts. Phone Ward & Ward Law Firm today at 317-639-9501 to receive a free evaluation of your car accident case.

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