Slip and fall injury in public venue - personal injury attorney indianapolisHow You Can Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury

You may love spending time in the homes of your beloved friends and family–you may feel totally safe. However, there is always the danger of a slip and fall accident. If you do suffer an injury and need to file a personal injury claim in order to keep yourself afloat financially, it can become quite awkward between you and your loved one. Prepare for the worst, and consider the ways you can prevent injury from even occurring.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Child

Adults and children are both at risk for a personal injury due to their unfamiliarity with the new environment. Adults must keep watch over their children at all times to ensure they aren’t at risk of injury. Heavy furniture is a common source of injury for children, especially when they climb on top of it. Be sure to make note of any potential hazards in the home and outside of it as well. Common potential hazards outside of the home are:

  • Slippery surfaces, especially around a pool.
  • When children climb or move patio furniture.
  • Large dead trees: children will be inclined to climb on these as well.

Other Areas to Avoid Around a Home

When you visit a new place, you should avoid potential hazards and be sure to look out for them immediately. Here are some common hazards to avoid:

  • You could trip on loose or ripped carpeting and rugs
  • Lacerations are possible from sharp, loose or damaged tile.
  • Wet and slippery or icy surfaces.

Seeking Legal Advice if You Have an Accident

All cases are unique, but personal injury claims commonly yield compensation when the plaintiff can prove that the owner of the property acted negligently in some way. Although your personal relationship with the property owner may make a claim process uncomfortable. However, if the injury is serious and has cost you emotional stability, wages, and potential earnings, then you should do what will help you most. The best possible outcome is that you receive a settlement from the insurance companies that covers most if not all of your damages.

Thankfully, you can visit a personal injury lawyer such as the Personal Injury Lawyer  for a free consultation to decide what your best options are. You should call today to set up an appointment to discuss the particulars of your unique case. Don’t wait, get compensated for your injuries!

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