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It is no secret that car accidents cause damage. Some of the most obvious damage is to your vehicle but there is often serious damage done to you as well. While the injuries may not be immediately visible, they can often have severe repercussions. 

As of 2018 there have been over 278,413 accidents on public roads in the state, and about 61,000 of those ended up with serious injuries to one or more people involved in the crash. Considering there is a one-in-five chance that you will get in a car accident it is important that you know what kinds of injuries can commonly occur if you are involved in a collision. 

  • Bruising and Contusions 

Even in the most minor of car accidents there can be some bruising or even minor contusions. If you are slammed into your seat belt, while doing its job of keeping you from serious harm, it can leave you with a bruise for a couple of days. You can also get some minor contusions from flying objects in the car that rarely require medical attention. Generally these types of injuries heal within a week or two and don’t require much attention. 

  • Whiplash 

When you are in an accident the forces at work can cause your body to move in ways it was not meant to, at speeds it was not meant to. If you have pain or discomfort in your neck after an accident then it is likely that you have sustained whiplash. While these strains are often painful, and take several weeks to recover, they are rarely permanent. However, it is suggested you get looked at by a medical professional to determine what is going on. 

  1. Neck and Back Injuries 

 Just like with whiplash, the rapid forces that your body undergoes during a collision can cause serious injuries to your body that may not be immediately apparent. If you have a herniation or ruptures of the discs in your spine, it may not show up for a couple of hours or days. These are serious and can restrict your mobility and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. While they are not often permanent they do take a long time to heal. 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries 

These types of injuries often happen at higher speeds than others. Oftentimes these injuries are life-altering as they change the way your brain functions and handles information. While it is possible to recover from a traumatic brain injury, at least to some degree, it is often a lifelong process which can quickly add up in medical bills. It changes how you function and with that changes how you go about life. 

Going through a car accident is hard and you shouldn’t tackle it alone. If you have more questions about what a car accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN, like our friends at Ward & Ward Law Firm, can do then don’t hesitate to reach out today to learn more. 

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