Automobile insurance companies contract with governmental entities, companies, and individuals to defend them in claims of liability. Premiums toward this endeavor are used, in part, to hire defense lawyers and represent their financial interests by reducing their exposure in biking claims for injuries and wrongful death. The same risk companies are averse to paying out excess dollars to victims as this would cause harm to the financial health of their corporation. For this reason, you need experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN to represent you when you or a loved one has been injured or died as a result of injuries received in a motorcycle accident.

The primary defense argument expected by biking accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN

The most common argument used by insurance companies against motorcycle crash victims is known as comparative fault, or contributory negligence. This means that the injured cyclist has played a significant part in causing their own injuries. Comparative fault is their primary go-to defense in nearly every claim filed by bike accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN.

What is contributory negligence?

To make a successful argument of ‘contributory negligence’ would require defense attorneys to show that the injured or deceased motorcyclist contributed to the accident and must therefore bear a percentage of fault. This would amount to a reduction in compensation for the injured biker. For example, if it is effectively proven that the injured rider was 25% at fault for the accident, the plaintiff would receive only 75% of the settlement, judge, or jury award, thereby reducing the carrier’s financial risk by 25%. In the worst-case scenario, Indiana law provides that if the plaintiff (or cyclist) is more than 50% responsible for the collision, compensation for any and all damages would be denied.

For the best results and maximum compensation, you must hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney

Adversarial experience with insurance defense attorneys is a motorcycle accident lawyer’s best tool. When you know ahead of time the strategies your opponent will use to deny your client the maximum amount of compensation, biking accident lawyers in Indianapolis, IN will use their knowledge and vast experience to meet and exceed the tactics and strategies put forth by their legal opponents.

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