Warning Signs Medical Malpractice Has Happened To You

When we go to see a doctor, we trust that they are doing what is best for our health. But unfortunately, this trust can quickly be broken when a doctor commits a mistake that leads to patient harm or death. Even if our body and mind is telling us that something is just not quite right with a diagnosis or care plan, we may overlook it, simply because we have faith in the doctor and what they are telling us. 

If you are not sure whether medical malpractice has happened to you or a loved one, here are some common warning signs that mean you should probably visit with the lawyer as soon as possible:

  • The treatment plan is just not working (and is causing adverse effects)
  • Your treatment doesn’t match with the diagnosis
  • The doctor failed to order basic lab tests first
  • The medical facility appears understaffed 
  • There was a mistake during surgery
  • The doctor prescribed the wrong medication type and/or dosage
  • The doctor failed to identify harmful drug interactions
  • The second opinion from another doctor was different from the first doctor
  • You were not properly briefed before a procedure/surgery
  • Your doctor failed to follow up on your condition or recovery

Many of us have been on some kind of treatment plan at some point in our lives, whether it was minor or critical. A doctor that does not properly diagnose you, diagnoses you late, suggests the wrong treatment plan, or prescribes the wrong medication may have been negligent or committed an oversight. 

And sadly, as a medical malpractice lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm can attest, sometimes doctors and medical facilities will try to undermine victims or destroy evidence of medical malpractice so they don’t have to pay out in a settlement. That is why quick intervention and listening to your gut is always recommended. 

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