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Whiplash and Other Serious Neck Injuries

Whiplash and Serious Head and Neck Injuries Sustained from a Car, Motorcycle or Trucking Accident

Whiplash and Other Serious Neck Injuries

Injuries kill more people of all ages in the U.S. than any other cause. Neck injuries are common injuries to accidents involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles and semi tractor-trailers. If you have received an injury to your neck because of another party’s negligence, it is important to seek medical treatment from a licensed medical physician (hospital, primary care physician or medical specialist) right away and then call an experienced personal injury or accident attorney to recover your losses for medical bills, bodily injuries, loss of wages and other damages suffered.

Types of neck injuries

Common injuries of the neck and head are:

Treatment for a neck injury depends on the type and severity of the injury.Common treatments may include medications, rest, physical therapy, exercises, steroid injections and surgery.

If you have suffered a neck injury because of the negligence of another party, contact an experienced injury lawyer to learn how you can recover compensation for your medical bills, medical devices, partial permanent impairment, lost wages, pain and suffering. Call 317-639-9501 and ask for Charlie for a free, no obligation, evaluation of your case.

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