4 Steps To Keep Motorcyclists More Safe

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Every person who has driven or ridden as passenger in a vehicle has seen a motorcyclist cruising by. Motorcyclists must be watched out for because they are harder to see on the road compared to others. Due to the smaller nature of the vehicles themselves and the lack of protection on their body, it makes them more vulnerable to terrible injuries and property damage if a crash were to happen. Here are ways that we can all be more careful when in the presence of motorcycles. 

Check your blind spots first.

Motorcycles are smaller compared to other cars, and it can be difficult to see rhythm while changing lanes or merging. The shape of the motorcycle as well makes them more likely to blend into the view you see, particularly in the side-view and rear-view mirrors. As a motorcycle accident attorney warns, be sure to take your time and look sufficiently in your surroundings before making a maneuver on the road so you don’t miss the presence of a motorcycle. 

Be careful when passing a motorcycle.

It is against the law to pass someone on a motorcycle in the same manner you would with another vehicle. When a driver increases their speed as they pass a motorcyclist too closely, a gust of wind could blow the rider into being unstable and potentially push them off the road. Signal your intent to pass them and travel at a safe speed when doing so. Allow more than enough space, several car lengths, so the motorcyclist has enough time to respond accordingly. 

Bad weather is risky for riders.

Those who travel on two wheels are encouraged to avoid rainy or poor weather until it clears. Weather has more drastic effects on riders than it does car drivers. The winter season in particular can make it impossible for a rider to travel safely. Heavy winds can make it harder for motorcyclists to stay in control of their vehicle. Poor weather conditions impact every person operating a motor vehicle, but motorcyclists even more so. 

Intersections are danger zones.

Accidents between motorcyclists and car drivers often happen at intersections. Always abide by the rules for intersections when you approach one. You must come to a halt completely, view posted signals and traffic signs, look each way for traffic that may be approaching, and then proceed on your route slowly. Motorcyclists may be going straight as you are turning in front of them, and may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Never dart out in front of a motorcyclist at an intersection, they could be traveling faster than you are able to reasonably judge. 

If you aren’t someone who rides a motorcycle, maybe someone you know does. Every time you go out onto the road, consider how you would drive around motorcyclists if you knew they were someone you cared about. And if you or a family member got hurt in a motorcycle crash, it may be worth speaking with a legal team for help. Before your next drive, remember to check your blind spots, be careful when passing, understand bad weather is not good for riders, and to be wary at intersections. 

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