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Personal Injury Lawyer Indianapolis, IN - wooden gavel on tableEvery divorce is a very strenuous decision to make for spouses, even the most amicable ones. However, if your marriage is ending on very difficult terms, you can’t communicate anymore, and they are even no longer trustworthy in any way, you want to be cautious through the divorce process and feel protected as one can be by a divorce lawyer. If you find that your spouse is showing malicious, narcissistic, or manipulative behavior as you begin the separation, working with a lawyer, such as one the lawyers at Kempen & Company, you can have access to the legal support and security that you will need going forward. There are a few common deceiving divorce tactics to be aware of listed below. You deserve a proper professional support system, and you shouldn’t go through your divorce alone.

Your Spouse Attempts To Shame You

It is not uncommon for a bitter spouse to try to expose the other in an intentional or pointed way. One hurtful example is when a spouse shares the news publicly before you’ve agreed you’re ready to tell people. This could include strategically serving you divorce papers at a very awkward time – such as at a public event, in front of your children or other family. While it’s hard to believe tactics can be as spiteful as this, it happens. A lawyer can help you prepare for this type of incident, and try to find a way to cushion any blow such as something like this.

Your Spouse Deliberately Spends And Wastes Assets

If your spouse suddenly begins blowing through tons of money in your joint bank account after a divorce is decided, then it is another example of how your spouse is making a deceitful tactic against you. Pay close attention to their spending habits, or potential major surgeries or vacations they immediately choose to have.

Your Spouse Refuse To Pay Child Support

Both parents have the legal obligation following the divorce to pay for and care for their children. So it’s beyond frustrating when this happens. It’s disrespectful not only to you but also your children and all family involved. It’s important to work with your lawyer on the next steps if your spouse is refusing to pay child support. There are several methods for court-ordered child support that your lawyer can work with you on.

Your Spouse Has Hidden Assets

If you believe or already know your spouse has hidden assets while getting a divorce, your lawyer and forensic accountant can help you. If it’s difficult to directly confront your spouse or you don’t feel safe doing so, you can always take legal action instead. It’s unfair for your spouse to withhold this kind of critical information because it can definitely impact your future. If your spouse is in fact caught hiding assets, the court may require them to pay you your share of the assets. This is one of the many examples of why you want to gather as many financial records as possible before entering the legal divorce process.

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