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In the daily practice of law, I frequently receive telephone calls from people who were involved in a motor vehicle accident in need of advice. After the caller has detailed the events of the crash and described their physical pain, I go on to inquire if a medical exam was sought either at the scene of the accident or shortly thereafter. Why is that important?

Shock and the Adrenaline Rush

Immediately following an accident, the body swings into defensive response. A minor shock to the system can begin fueling the natural production of the powerful neutralizing hormone called adrenaline. People have been known to accomplish fantastic feats of strength and endurance during these hormonal bursts.  An adrenaline rush can even precipitate a loss of ordinary time reference. Think back on a stressful situation and I’ll bet you can recall the trauma in great detail frame-by-frame using the time delay of a slow motion sequence of events.

About 20% of adrenaline is composed of the hormone norepinephrine. Produced in normal amounts, norepinephrine (manufactured in part from dopamine) can create a sense of well-being and euphoria. The involuntary release of adrenaline throughout your system increases your heart rate and blood-sugar levels, improving the body’s performance in the short term. Those experiencing adrenaline rushes typically feel temporarily stronger, faster and more tolerant of pain.

Is your injury attributed solely to the accident?

It’s especially important to receive a medical exam as soon as possible after a trauma or accident since it may be days before an auto, motorcycle, bicycle or trucking accident victim begins to experience an onset of symptoms. The more time passes, insurance companies become less and less persuaded that a latent onset injury can be directly attributed solely to the accident. Seeking a medical examination either at the scene of the accident or immediately following, will establish your desire to follow through with a physician recommended treatment or follow-up plan and places you under the monitor and care of an accepted medical authority.

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