Why do Indianapolis, IN personal injury attorneys advise that you see a physician immediately after an auto, motorcycle or trucking accident?

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These words ring all too familiar after a crash encounter.  Often the persons involved in an accident are running on auto-pilot while simultaneously using nature’s own best defenses to carry on: a shock to the system coupled with a generous burst of adrenaline. Immediately following an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or trucking accident, an injury may exist that is not evident to the patient. Often times, these injuries can be diagnosed by medical professionals through a brief physical examination, X-ray, or an MRI.

Take the time to consider your health

Most people will put on their brave faces, check on the well-being of others and urgently tend to the details of a crash aftermath, forgetting about their own physical well-being and the potential for latent traumatic injuries.

All too often— days pass, even weeks after the offense, when our office receives a phone call from the same brave soul, who is now dealing with the physical consequences of a manifested soft tissue injury, neck or back spasms, numbness and accompanying radiating limb pain.

One of my first questions to the caller would be, “Did you seek medical attention either at the scene or shortly after the accident?” I would have to make this initial inquiry because the insurance company surely will. And if the victim is unable to answer affirmatively, in most cases the insurance company will reject their responsibility for the damage since a soft tissue injury could easily occur as a result of lifting, pushing or some other over-exerting movement completely unrelated to the accident.

As a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, IN seeking justice for harms done to others, I take no pleasure in having to counsel injured parties that because a doctor was not consulted in a timely manner, likely he or she must rely upon private resources for treatment of personal injuries stemming from an accident; that the insurance company would likely reject their claim and deny obligation to the injured party. If the victim is fortunate to have good health insurance, he or she can use medical coverage to treat the problems. Any permanent physical anomalies resulting from the recklessness of another driver, however, cannot be compensated for if liability for the injury cannot be directly or proximately attributed to the defendant.

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