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Your Indiana Auto Policy is your Protection from Uninsured Drivers

Sixteen percent of Indiana drivers are uninsured We’ve all witnessed reckless motorists driving very nearly airborne down the road, anxiously weaving from lane to lane, and gunning their engines in disgust when they finally soar past you. Yes, today everybody’s in a hurry. And I bet you’ve thought, as I have, that most, if not

Uninsured Coverage is your Protection from an Accident Caused by Uninsured Driver

It makes sense to carefully choose your auto insurance policy You probably wouldn’t consider opening an account with a bank that was not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Banking insurance premiums finance this federal insurance program; indirectly you fund this insurance through your deposits, service charges and bank fees. Why would you protect

Animal Control Entitled to Immunity from Dog Bite Claim

City fails to enforce Animal Control Ordinance In February, 2007, a personal injury Complaint was filed against Animal Control and the City of Evansville (City Defendants) for personal injuries when minor plaintiff, Shawn Davis, was attacked and severely bitten by a 60-pound Rottweiler while playing in his neighborhood. Six-year-old Shawn Davis sustained severe injuries to

How Much Med-Pay Insurance is Enough?

Medical Payment Auto Insurance Coverage The next time you receive a policy renewal from your automobile insurance company, take a look at the Declarations Page (coverage break-down) to determine the amount of “Medical Payments” coverage you carry. Unless otherwise requested, most auto insurance companies in Indiana, automatically quote medical-payment limits of liability coverage in the

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