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Hiring a lawyer can be just as intimidating as trying to represent yourself in court. After an accident, you probably have a lot of other expenses piling up. Bills from hospital visits, medical examinations and out-of-pocket expenses can put a huge dent in your wallet, and you may not have the finances to hire a lawyer.

Or so you think. While hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in the San Fernando Valley, CA area like one at Barry P. Goldberg can be expensive, motorcycle accident cases come with some perks that make it entirely possible to get a lawyer’s services. Even if you have been out of work because of your accident, you can more than likely afford a lawyer. Here’s how.

Contingency Fees

The first important term you need to know about motorcycle and car accident lawyers is the contingency fee. This fee is crucial to understand up front because it is what allows you to hire a lawyer even if you can’t afford one at the time. A contingency fee is a percentage of your final settlement that you negotiate with the lawyer before they begin work. What makes this fee so affordable is that it can only come out of the settlement, which means if you don’t reach a settlement, you don’t have to pay the lawyer. By knowing how much the lawyer needs to be paid, you can make your claim the appropriate amount to account for all costs.

Usual Costs

Contingency fees vary depending on the complexity of your case. The more work a lawyer will likely have to put into your case, the higher the percentage rate. In general, the average fee is about one third of the overall settlement, with some going higher or lower. A lawyer may allow the percent to change throughout the process. For example, if your needs only require a single small service from them, the lawyer may decide to lessen the fee; but if you decide to sue, the lawyer may increase the fee.

Free Consultations

Lawyers are available for free consultations so that you can get a feel for who they are and how they operate without paying right away. You can schedule a consultation to find out if a lawyer’s services are actually worth the price, and you can learn how their contingency fee works. You shouldn’t avoid hiring a lawyer simply because you don’t know what it will cost. Sit down to chat with one first before moving forward with your motorcycle accident claim.

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