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Car Accident Lawyer Warren Park, INCombined, the attorneys at Ward & Ward Law Firm have more than nine decades of experience. Our extensive experience means that the car accident lawyer in WarrenPark, IN is more than equipped to handle your case. And Ward & Ward Law Firm builds relationships with their clients—every client receives personal contact information for their lawyer that is working with them.

We encourage an open-door policy and questions and concerns to be voiced to us. We cannot help you if you don’t take advantage of our knowledge, after all. If you’ve been injured after a car accident, reach out to the car accident lawyer in WarrenPark, IN – Ward & Ward Law Firm – to discuss your personal injury and car accident case.

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

As an experienced car accident lawyer WarrenPark, IN trusts, Ward & Ward Law Firm has handled every type of car accident that you might get into. We think it’s important that you know what kind of accidents are possible—so that you can stay safe.

  • Vehicle rollovers are violent because they reflect an interaction between the driver, the road, the vehicle, and the environmental factors surrounding the crash. A vehicle type plays a role in the type of crash one might experience while driving it, but so does the behavior of the driver in the car and the other drivers on the roadway. The road may be poorly maintained, or iced over—other environmental factors can play into this type of crash. There’s also speed, alcohol consumption, and location to consider as well.
  • Single car accidents are a very common accident, but unlike vehicle rollovers, which may include two or more cars, these accidents only include one car. These types of crashes are often run-off-road collisions, colliding with fallen debris, rollovers, and colliding with animals.
  • Rear-end collisions are usually the fault of the driver behind the affected car not stopping on time—though not always. Sometimes the front car slows without warning, or a driver is distracted. Sometimes the weather can cause this type of accident as well.
  • Side-impact collisions, also known as broadside or T-bone accidents, are when the side of the vehicle is impacted. This is often just one side of the vehicle, but sometimes more than one side of the vehicle might be affected. These occur the most at intersections, parking lots, and when a vehicle or more passes on the roadway.
  • Head-on collisions are often the most fatal type of accident that someone can experience. These crashes are when two vehicles hit one another going the opposite direction—typically in these cases the fault is clear because one vehicle is going the wrong way on the road. Understanding traffic signs, street conditions, and keeping your vehicle in the correct lane is how you avoid this type of accident.

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Ward & Ward Law Firm is your go-to firm for a car accident lawyer Warren Park IN trusts. Whether you’re filing a wrongful death suit after an accident, or pursuing to collect damage compensation for your car, medical bills, or otherwise, Ward & Ward Law Firm has the experience to help you get what you need.