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There are many myths about motorcycle accidents, and knowing them, and their actual truths, can make a huge difference when, or if, you are ever involved in a collision, as a motorcycle accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts can explain. Opinions and myths regarding motorcycle accidents typically come from the media and unfamiliarity of riding. As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, our firm hopes to educate you about riding these 2-wheeled vehicles, and also the claims process that may ensue following a collision.

Myth 1: All states require riders to wear a helmet.

Truth: At this time 19 states and the District of Columbia require all riders to wear a helmet. In another 28 states, there are laws which require only some motorcyclists to wear a helmet. In Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire, there are no motorcycle helmet laws.

Myth 2: Helmets don’t make any difference.

Truth: There is overwhelming evidence that suggests helmets make a significant difference in the event of a crash and can reduce the risk of a head injury, as a motorcycle accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN can attest. According to one study, for every 100 motorcyclist who died in an accident, 37 would have lived had they been wearing a helmet. This is important to know because if you were in an accident and was not wearing a helmet, the insurance company could use this against you.

Myth 3: Turning cars causes most crashes.

Truth: This is only part true, but to be more specific, cars that are turning left tend to cause more motorcycle accidents. In fact, left hand turns account for nearly 42% of annual motorcycle crashes.

Myth 4: Lane splitting is safe.

Truth: Lane splitting is one of the most common causes of accidents, making it a very dangerous action. Splitting lanes can put motorcycles in close proximity and reduce the ability to move and react to other cars.

Myth 5: Road hazards are easy to avoid.

Truth: Motorcycles do have the ability to avoid hazards; however, when faced with an unexpected object, like roadway debris, there is a potential for crashing. Body armor and protective clothing can help to lessen the injury, but hazards can still cause great harm.

Myth 6: A car has the priority and right of way on the roads.

Truth: This is 100 percent false. Cars and motorcycles have equal rights to the road in every state and are required to share the road, follow the rules, and implement safety protocols.

Myth 7: It’s okay for a motorcyclist to speed.

Truth: No vehicle, regardless of how many wheels it has, should be speeding. Speeding provides less protection to the riders and others around the motorcycle, and also reduces reaction time. As thrilling as speeding on a motorcycle might be, it is not safe and could impact a claim.

Myth 8: If you were injured, you should not contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Truth: This is completely false. No matter what happened, or how severe your injuries are, you should get advice from an Indianapolis, IN motorcycle accident lawyer. In fact, you should consult a motorcycle accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN turns to at Ward & Ward Law Firm before you accept any settlement offers, or even talk with the insurance company.

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