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Texting and driving has become a very serious issue, as more and more accidents are happening because of this handy technological tool. When people talk about the topic of texting and driving, warnings usually include car vs car collisions. However, all car drivers regardless of what type of vehicle they are operating may feel tempted to text while behind wheel. This means commercial truck drivers are no exception. In fact, they may be more inclined to read or send a quick text in order to stay in communication with loved ones while they are away from home.

Here in this article we have explored further as to why texting and driving is such a problem in today’s society, and what you can do to seek justice if you are ever struck by a texting truck driver.

Why are people so addicted to their cell phones nowadays?

With the advances of technology, in today’s world people have become more reliant on their cell phones. Our cellular phones do not just enable us to make calls, but send text messages, emails, check social media, watch television, listen to music, find directions, and much more. We have so many resources available to us on this single device, that is also small enough to carry around in our purses or pockets.

The average person checks his or her cell phone about thirty to seventy times a day, depending on the age bracket. Unfortunately, this habit to check may not stop once a person has gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle.

What are signs that the truck driver next to me is texting?

It can be more difficult to determine if a truck driver is texting because the majority of commercial trucks sit much higher than the standard vehicle. However, if a truck driver is displaying any of the following behaviors, texting could be the culprit:

  1. Frequently looking down into his or her lap for seconds at a time
  2. Swerving slowly into another lane, then suddenly jerking back
  3. Driving excessively slow, while in the slow lane
  4. Breaking minor traffic laws, such as not using a blinker

Let’s say I get hit by a truck driver, can I sue for damages?

Car drivers who are hit by a commercial truck and suffered damages, may consider meeting with a truck accident lawyer Des Moines, IA trusts about filing a lawsuit. This type of legal action can help to recover damages due to injuries and vehicle repairs. Depending on how the accident happened, the truck driver and/or trucking company may be held responsible. When meeting with a lawyer, be sure to bring along all paperwork you have related to your injuries and other losses. Examples of information to bring with you to the consultation are listed as follows:

  • Copies of medical bills
  • Doctor’s exams and diagnostics
  • Truck driver’s information
  • Name of trucking company
  • Prescription medications
  • Witnesses of crash (if any)
  • Photographs of scene (if any)
  • Statements regarding loss of pay for missing work
  • Vehicle repair estimates
  • Current out-of-pocket expenses
  • Treatment plans and long-term care



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