Examples of When To Visit a Personal Injury Accident Attorney

There are limitless ways that we can get injured, but when we are harmed because of another’s negligence or recklessness, then we may need to speak with a personal injury attorney for help. Depending on the factors of the accident, a victim may be entitled to compensation for damages such as medical bills, loss of wage, property damage, and so much more. Victims who aren’t sure if they should contact an attorney are encouraged to review the examples provided below. 

Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident

Not every driver operates their vehicle with care. In fact, you can easily find drivers weaving through traffic, running red lights, cruising through stop signs, tailgating, and engaging in other unsafe maneuvers that risk the safety of those on the road. A car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident can happen, leaving victims suffering from injuries such as broken bones, whiplash, road rash, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, crushed extremities, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Slip and Fall

Property owners must ensure their space is reasonably free of hazards that could injure visitors. Slip and fall accidents can happen at the grocery store, while seeing a movie, walking around a museum, or visiting a friend’s apartment complex. Whatever the location may be, victims need to consider whether they are eligible for compensation. All too often people slip because a wet floor or debris went unattended to. Slip and falls usually occur when cleaning is neglected, leading to someone getting hurt. 

Workplace Accident

Employers must take steps to see that their workers are protected from serious workplace accidents. However, despite policies and protocols, employees may still get injured anyway due to no fault of their own. Maybe an employer failed to provide safety gear, didn’t replace/fix defective machinery, or created a work culture that doesn’t enforce safety rules. There are workers’ compensation programs available to employees who get injured on the job, but they may get taken advantage of if they don’t understand the full extent of their injury and loss. A lawyer can advocate for the employee and ensure they get what they need to recover.

Medical Malpractice

We want to trust that doctors have our best interest in mind, and while they may, there are times when they fall short. A doctor may injure a patient or even cause their death by prescribing the wrong medication type/dosage, diagnosing them delayed or incorrectly, recommending the wrong treatment plan, or committing a mistake during surgery. Unfortunately, many medical facilities will go to great lengths to protect their pocketbook. They may make the patient feel like their suspicions are wrong and destroy or edit evidence purposefully. A lawyer knows the tactics these companies use to avoid paying a victim fairly in medical malpractice and can watch out for the victim’s best interest and wellbeing. 

As our personal injury attorney friends from Ward & Ward Law Firm would also inform clients, there are many more examples of personal injury accidents than what is listed above. So those who are unsure if they need a lawyer may want a case evaluation just for peace of mind and to understand their options.

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