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If you were hurt in a car accident caused by another driver, you have the right to pursue a personal injury case. However, in order to prove your case, you must have strong evidence. One of the first steps you should take following a vehicle collision is seeing a doctor. Your doctor can properly diagnose your injuries and become an important resource in your case. Here are some tips for talking to your doctor after a car accident.

Provide Your Complete Medical History

When you see a doctor after suffering injuries in a car accident, one of the first things he or she will ask about is your medical history. Tell your doctor about all the previous illnesses and injuries you have experienced. Don’t leave anything out. If you are not completely truthful about your medical history and the other side finds out about it, you could lose your credibility.

Be Specific About Your Symptoms

When you talk to your doctor about your symptoms, try to be as specific as possible. For instance, instead of just telling your doctor that you have leg pain, be specific about where you are experiencing pain in your leg and if the pain is sharp or dull. The more details you can provide your doctor, the more accurate diagnosis you will receive.

Find Out If You Can Still Work

Whether or not you can continue to work depends on the severity of your injuries. If you suffered a fairly minor injury, you may still be able to work. On the other hand, if your injury is more severe, your doctor may want you to take some time off work to fully recover. You shouldn’t try to tough it out because it can hinder your recovery. 

Talk About Your Treatment Options

Once your doctor has diagnosed your injuries, he or she will inform you of all your treatment options. It’s important to find everything you can about these treatment options, such as how long the treatment will last, the possible side effects and whether or not you will make a full recovery. If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with a treatment, don’t hesitate to voice your concerns to your doctor.

If you want to file a personal injury claim, you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney, like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm, today.

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