Lawyer for personal injury claims and settlements in Indiana Newer automobiles have advancements in technology making cars and SUVs safer to drive

One such advancement is Lane Departure Warning (LDW). LDW has been available to American drivers in a number of vehicles since 1994. Volvo and Nissan were the first manufacturers using LDW technology. As of this year, Lexus, BMW, Nissan Infiniti, Honda, Mercedes, KIA and GM all offer this technology.


What is LDW and how does it work to help make vehicles safer reducing personal injury?

LDW uses cameras generally mounted on rearview mirror to watch for lane markings in the roadway.  When the driver drifts out of his/her lane of traffic, a warning of some type will occur. The warning may be a type of light, vibration in the steering wheel or an audible alarm. Regardless, the warning is a notice to the driver that the car is drifting out of the lane of traffic.

In addition, the warning will not go off when the driver uses a turn signal as it assumes the driver is intentionally crossing over the lane markings. This type of advancement in safety technology in vehicles will assist a driver who may be falling asleep behind the wheel or distracted by something in the vehicle. However, where the lane markings are worn off or covered by dirt (or just plain missing), the LDW systems may not work. Regardless, the LDW systems are valuable to all drivers today and the cost is minimal compared to loss of life or serious injuries.

You may also watch this video which explains Lane Departure Warning Systems

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