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Indianapolis' No Turn on Red Ordinance - Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis List of No Turn on Red Intersections as of August 2023

As of August 2023, Indianapolis has 97 No Turn on Red Intersections. The current list of intersections can be found below.

Indianapolis’ No Turn on Red ordinance was passed by the city council On June 5, 2023. The no turn on red (NTOR) ordinance included exhibit Proposal No. 111, 2023, the “Pedestrian Safety Priority Areas” within Center Township and bordering townships including Pike, Washington, Lawrence, Decatur, Perry, Franklin, Warren and Wayne Townships.

There Are 97 Affected Intersections Within Pedestrian Safety Priority Areas

Weeks later, the Department of Public Works Engineering Department and Indy’s Fatal Crash Review Commission cited 97 intersections within the pedestrian safety areas to be deemed NTOR intersections. Currently, most of the selected sites are in or near the downtown area.

Department of Public Works Publishes No Turn on Red (NTOR) Intersections 30 Days Before Signs Go Up

As needs becomes evident, it is likely that additional intersections will be added. The ordinance states that the engineering department of DPW shall publish the affected intersections on the  Department of Public Works’ website 30 days before restrictions take effect. Bookmark their site to stay informed of future expansions.

List of No Turn on Red Intersections as of August 2023

As of August 2023, the DPW installed a total of 97 No Turn on Red signs. Below is the initial list of affected crossings.

  • East St/Massachusetts Ave/North St
  • East St/Michigan St
  • East St/New York St
  • East St/Ohio St
  • East St/Market St
  • East St/Washington St
  • East St/South St/Virginia Ave
  • North St/New Jersey St
  • Massachusetts Ave/Michigan St/New Jersey St
  • New Jersey St/Vermont St
  • New Jersey St/New York St
  • New Jersey St/Ohio St
  • Market St/New Jersey St
  • Maryland St/New Jersey St/Washington St
  • New Jersey St/South St
  • Alabama St/North St
  • Alabama St/Michigan St
  • Alabama St/Massachusetts Ave/Vermont St
  • Alabama St/New York St
  • Alabama St/Ohio St
  • Alabama St/Market St
  • Alabama St/Washington St
  • Alabama St/Pearl St
  • Alabama St/Maryland St
  • Alabama St/South St
  • Delaware St/North St
  • Delaware St/Michigan St
  • Delaware St/Vermont St
  • Delaware St/New York St
  • Delaware St/Ohio St
  • Delaware St/Market St
  • Delaware St/Washington St
  • Delaware St/Pearl St
  • Delaware St/Maryland St/Virginia Ave
  • Delaware St/Louisiana St
  • Delaware St/South St
  • Fort Wayne Ave/North St/Pennsylvania St
  • Michigan St/Pennsylvania St
  • Pennsylvania St/Vermont St
  • New York St/Pennsylvania St
  • Ohio St/Pennsylvania St
  • Market St/Pennsylvania St
  • Pennsylvania St/Washington St
  • Maryland St/Pennsylvania St
  • Georgia St/Pennsylvania St
  • Pennsylvania St/South St
  • Meridian St/North St
  • Meridian St/Michigan St
  • Meridian St/Vermont St
  • Meridian St/New York St
  • Meridian St/Ohio St
  • Meridian St/Washington St
  • Maryland St/Meridian St
  • Georgia St/Meridian St
  • Louisiana St/Meridian St
  • Meridian St/South St
  • Illinois St/North St
  • Illinois St/Michigan St
  • Illinois St/Vermont St
  • Illinois St/New York St
  • Illinois St/Ohio St
  • Illinois St/Market St
  • Illinois St/Washington St
  • Illinois St/Maryland St
  • Georgia St/Illinois St
  • Illinois St/Louisiana St
  • Illinois St/South St
  • Capitol Ave/North St
  • Capitol Ave/Michigan St
  • Capitol Ave/Vermont St
  • Capitol Ave/Indiana Ave/New York St
  • Capitol Ave/Ohio St
  • Capitol Ave/Market St
  • Capitol Ave/Washington St
  • Capitol Ave/Maryland St
  • Capitol Ave/Georgia St
  • Capitol Ave/South St
  • North St/Senate Ave
  • Michigan St/Senate Ave
  • Indiana Ave/Senate Ave/Vermont St
  • New York St/Senate Ave
  • Ohio St/Senate Ave
  • Senate Ave/Washington St
  • Indiana Ave/Michigan St
  • Missouri St/Washington St
  • Maryland St/Missouri St
  • Missouri St/South St
  • Indiana Ave/West St
  • Michigan St/West St
  • Vermont St/West St
  • New York St/West St
  • Ohio St/West St
  • Robert D. Orr Plaza/West St
  • Washington St/West St
  • Maryland St/West St
  • Kentucky Ave/South St/West St
  • College Avenue/Fall Creek Parkway North Drive

History of Making Legal Turns on a Red Light in Indiana

Indianapolis has been a motor-friendly city for decades. Since 1974 it has been legal to make a right turn on a red light and a left turn on a red when turning from a single one-way street onto another one-way street.

When the right on red statute took effect, it was a game changer for Indy drivers. To alleviate traffic congestion, additional lanes sprouted up near intersections in towns throughout the Hoosier state. Since then, four generations of drivers have grown accustomed to making a right turn on a red.

Unfortunately, pedestrians put themselves in harm’s way daily as some drivers fail to yield when claiming their red turn. The rapid rise of pedestrian casualties has motivated the city of Indianapolis to take matters into their hands.

Indy Has Reached a Crisis of Pedestrian Casualties and Wrongful Deaths | Indianapolis Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Indianapolis residents are becoming increasingly aware that pedestrian, scooter, and bicycle accidents are on the rise. No single district is at fault because neighborhoods across the city have experienced increasing pedestrian injuries and deaths involving motorized vehicles.

Nearly every day there is at least one incident, and often, as many as several per day when a pedestrian, scooter operator, or cyclist is struck or killed by a motorist in Marion County.

Indianapolis Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Crisis tracks bicycle, e-scooter, and pedestrian incidents and fatalities in nine Marion County townships. From January 2023 to August 17, 2023, there have been 342 ‘reported’ accidents, and 16 fatalities involving motor vehicles. Sadly, hit-and-run drivers have been responsible for a handful of deaths.

The Brouhaha Leading Up to The Enactment of No Turn on Red

In the lead up to the passage of Marion County’s General Ordinance No. 27, conflict ensued between state assembly members and Indy city council members who objected to the state exerting control over this issue.

When it became clear that Indy’s city council was heading toward enacting restrictions on right turns, an amendment was introduced in the state assembly and rushed to the Governor’s desk for signature. This amendment would restrict local communities from enacting NTOR laws that would override state law. The governor signed the state’s amendment which would not take effect until July 1, 2023.

Before the state’s amendment became law on July 1st, the Indianapolis city-county council accelerated their efforts and passed the No Turn on Red ordinance on June 5th.

For now, the local ordinance affects 97 intersections while most of the affected crossroads are located within or near the downtown area of Indianapolis.

Reimagining Indianapolis as a Pedestrian and Bike-Friendly Community

Historically, Indianapolis is a “motor” city; our infrastructure reflects it as such. But in recent years local government has sought to remake Indianapolis’ image as a walkable city and bike-friendly community.

The changes in Indianapolis’ infrastructure include 1) a reduction in the number of lanes dedicated to motor vehicles; 2) enhanced bike and bus ‘only’ lanes; 3) updated sidewalks and curbs in certain locations, and 4) miles of dedicated trails for pedestrians and cyclers.

Watch for more improvements yet to come!

A Century of Experience—Indianapolis Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

As an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer, I am hopeful that the newly passed ordinance prohibiting turns at designated intersections will advance the safety of our city’s residents seeking affordable, alternative modes of transportation. The key to its success lies with drivers who are informed and abide by the new restrictions.

Our Indianapolis law firm, Ward & Ward Personal Injury Lawyers, has more than a century of experience representing pedestrian accident victims and families of deceased victims.

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