Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, INThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that fatal traffic accidents which involve pedestrians are on the rise. In 2018 these numbers saw a 3% increase; these numbers don’t include bicycles or scooters.

If a vehicle hits a pedestrian at high speeds, the injuries can be fatal or otherwise serious. But did you know that a driver could injure a pedestrian going just ten miles per hour? It’s very important that drivers watch for pedestrians and mind the law of the road—but furthermore, knowing what to do if you are involved in or witness a pedestrian accident, can help you when you get called to court, because you’ll most definitely be involved in a suit if you’re involved in this type of accident.

As a driver, it’s important that you learn the basic rules of fault and how injuries or damages may be compensated. It’s also important that a driver involved in a pedestrian accident reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer

So What Do You Do?

Safety first! Ensure that anyone who is injured and can be safely moved are moved. Don’t administer medical treatment or medicines, but do CPR and other life-saving tactics if they’re required. Do everything you can to get everyone to safety. If someone cannot be moved, make sure they’re as safe as they can be and are visible to any incoming vehicles.

After ensuring the safety of everyone involved, get medical help. You’ll want the police, medical care providers like the paramedics, and auto insurance providers. You’ll want to have your insurance handy and start gathering names and insurance from everyone else involved that’s able to account for their insurance.

When exchanging contact information, make sure you give them your phone number, name, and email address along with your insurance information. Avoid talking about your family or letting the pedestrian talk about theirs. You don’t want to admit fault by accident—such as “I feel so guilty,” that seals the case and makes you guilty if a personal injury lawsuit is brought to court. Talk to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN before you reach out to exchange further information with the pedestrian.

Who’s At Fault?

A pedestrian accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN will be able to help you determine whether you’re at fault or not. However, most often the law of negligence which is a law stating that when a person fails to exercise reasonable care under circumstances specific to their accident, they are going to be considered negligent.

Does that mean the pedestrian is at fault or the driver?

It depends on the accident. Sometimes both people are at fault—other times, the pedestrian may have walked into the road without the go-ahead from a pedestrian signal at the crosswalk. Sometimes, the driver may have ignored a red light.

Reaching out to a pedestrian accident attorney in Indianapolis, IN, such as the ones available at Ward & Ward Law Firm, is your best bet to finding out who’s at fault and being prepared for any claims filed against you.

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