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On October 17, 2019 ten people injured in the partial collapse of an 18-story commercial construction site, with the representation of their personal injury lawyer, filed suit in Louisiana alleging that the defendants were grossly negligent, reckless and showed willful and wanton disregard for their rights. In addition to the bodily and respiratory injuries suffered by the bystanders, surrounding business owners also sustained damages and two people, both unnamed in this suit, died from the injuries they received from the collapse of the high-rise structure.

The plaintiffs personal injury lawyer have named the real estate developers, architects, engineers and builders as the defendants in their suit for economic, non-economic and compensatory or punitive damages. They allege the collapse of the partially constructed building was due in part because the developers had failed to submit a correct and accurate soil and pile load test to the city planners. The desired results of an accurate soil and pile load test would have resulted in a design load of 125 tons. Instead, defendants submitted tests from another of defendant’s work/project sites ultimately showing reduced load capacity limitations of 50 tons.

In their complaint filed with the court, plaintiffs personal injury lawyer further alleged the project was running behind schedule and the concrete used on the upper floors was under-cured and there existed a lack of support to sustain the 30 x 30-foot spans. As stated in the complaint, witnesses noticed that several inch dips began to appear in the concrete on the upper floors. Workers warned that the lack of adequate materials and support could jeopardize the integrity of the structure. Several days prior to the collapse, it was noted by on-site workers that support beams were bowed and failing―yet work continued as usual and no corrective action took place. Plaintiffs allege this lack of inattention by the defendants was responsible for the building collapse and the injuries sustained by the plaintiffs.

In their second cause of action, plaintiffs stated that the defendants owed and breached a duty of care to the plaintiffs and members of the general public; and that the design, plan and construction of the structure posed an unreasonable risk of harm.

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