Insurance Institute Tests Side Under Guard Technology on Tractor-Trailers | Truck Accident Lawyer, Indianapolis, IN

Side under-ride guards on some tractor-trailers can and do save lives

At this time, there is no mandate by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that licensed semi tractor-trailers come equipped with or be converted with side under-ride guards. An experienced truck accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts states the video below will show how tractor-trailers can be made safer for drivers who share the roads and highways with semi-trucks by installing side under-ride bars.

The video above shows one crash test conducted on a tractor-trailer equipped with side underride guards and another test without the use of side under-ride guards. In the test involving a tractor-trailer without the installation of under-ride guards, the crash dummy is pictured in slow motion as it’s car proceeds under the truck. In this scenario, the top of the car is sheared from the vehicle and the driver would likely have died as a result of the under-ride. In the crash test using specially-equipped under-ride guards and factory-installed air-bags, it is possible the driver of the vehicle would have survived the crash.

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