Cycling Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Cycling Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Cycling accidents can happen to anyone. The unfortunate cases can run an entire spectrum, which means no two cases of cycling accidents may look the same. If you have been injured in a bike accident, the important part is that you get medical help first. The next step is to contact a bicycle accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm to see what legal options you may have. Some questions to consider, include the following: 

Will Insurance Cover You?

The first step should be to verify whether or not insurance coverage can assist you. When it comes to personal injury, the information you have beforehand may turn your favor in court. You do not want to go into your case without knowing the compensation dispensed. For example, if a car is involved, you may want to check if the offending party has taken out insurance to help with your medical bills.

Do You Have All Your Info?

Next, make sure you are within your deadline for filing your claim. It varies by state, but most are within a  two to three year period, the outliers being Maine, Minnesota, and North Dakota at six years. Your cycling accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN will explain what the deadline is for your case. 

After deciding to go ahead and file (with or without insurance), there are a few pieces of information you should keep close at hand:

  • The other person’s insurance carrier
  • Their policy number
  • The accident’s date
  • Formal notification of injury and intent to file a claim

Fortified with all of these items, you should be ready to contact the other party’s insurance company and get the ball rolling.

Do You Want an Indianapolis, IN Cycling Accident Lawyer?

The last question to answer is whether you feel a bike accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN families turn to would be best. In most cases, a lawyer would be a positive factor for your case. They would be up-to-date with the latest information, would have facts that may help your specific situation, and having more people on your team can raise your chances of winning. It comes down to how big the case is. If you feel secure in your risk levels, then you may opt-out. Remember, most Indianapolis, IN cycling accident lawyer will not charge you unless you receive a positive settlement or court judgment. This is called working on a “contingency” basis.

For your own personal injury claim, the basics you should cover range from verifying insurance data to whether an attorney would be beneficial to your case. Since personal injury cases can vary greatly, it would be most beneficial for you to take as many notes as possible to weigh these pros and cons. You can find success, just stick to what you know and you may be surprised at the help you receive.

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