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Automobile Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Automobile Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, INAutomobile Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Our Car accident Attorney Indianapolis, IN turns to know that after sustaining a serious injury in a car accident, the last thing you may feel like doing is dealing with an insurance claim. Unfortunately, without filing a claim you will not be eligible to receive compensation from your insurer or the insurer of the responsible party. There are good reasons for not wanting to hassle with the claim—typically there is a lot of paperwork and research that must be done, and despite all your efforts, the insurance company may deny your claim or refuse to pay you for your total amount of damages.

No one knows this better than Ward & Ward Law Firm, an automobile accident lawyer Indianapolis, Indiana recommends. Our insurance lawyers at Ward & Ward Law Firm can make the claims process easier for injury victims. We can help handle the claims process from start to finish, collecting the necessary documentation and proof, completing the forms, and submitting to the insurance company. Meanwhile, the injury victim can focus on healing and getting back to the routines of their daily life. If the insurance company denies the claim or a portion of the itemized damages, our automobile accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN trusts will respond as appropriate: resubmitting the claim with additional information, negotiating with the insurer, or filing a lawsuit should it become unavoidable.

First Party and Third Party Insurance Claims

There are two main types of insurance claims: first party and third party. Our automobile accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN relies on can assist clients in filing both types of claims.

Understanding Which Type of Insurance Claim to File

As a general rule, if the car accident was caused by someone else, you or your  automobile accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN victims trust will file a claim with that party’s insurance company. If the accident was your fault, you or your insurance lawyer will file a claim with your insurance company. Common exceptions to this rule are when the other party was responsible but did not carry insurance, or they carried insurance but their coverage is insufficient to cover your damages. If you have uninsured or underinsured coverage then you might file a claim with your own insurance company. (Note that in cases where the other party was underinsured, you might make two claims: one with their insurer for the maximum amount of their coverage, and a second claim with your insurer for the balance of your damages, assuming you have an underinsured rider.)

Get Help From an Automobile Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Respects

If you would like assistance with your claim from a legal professional who has years of experience dealing with insurance carriers, contact Ward & Ward Law Firm. Our automobile accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN depends on can help you take action. 

Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer Indianapolis

Photo of a rear-end crash - Automobile Accident Attorney IndianapolisAs an Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis, Ward & Ward Law Firm understands all too well the devastation that can follow an accident. But you don’t have to let a mountain of medical bills, insurance claims, and damages add to your stress. Call us today for more information on how we can help you get the compensation and aid you deserve.

Do You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident?

There’s no rule that says you have to get an attorney after your car accident to file a claim and handle your settlement. Generally speaking, you should look at the situation of your case to decide how to proceed. If you weren’t seriously injured or have a lot of damages, you probably don’t need a lawyer to push the claim through. But there are some cases in which you should talk to a car accident lawyer before you settle your case.

When Should You Get an Automobile Accident Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis?

When determining who is liable for an accident, the insurance companies rely on who was at fault for the crash. If the fault is a problem, a lawyer can protect your rights and help you bolster your case to show the other driver was at fault. Most car accident lawyers provide a consultation about your situation to help you understand whether a lawyer can even help you.

An automobile accident attorney in Indianapolis can be beneficial to your claim if you or your loved one died or has permanent, serious injuries. You may not have the experience to understand how your injury will affect you economically in the future. You have to consider your earning power today and 10 years from now. This is a complex equation that factors in many different elements.

An automobile accident attorney in Indianapolis can also help your case if pedestrians or other autos are involved. You may not have caused the accident itself, but your car could have injured someone else. You may find yourself facing a lawsuit, even though you weren’t the initial cause of the accident.

When your insurance company is calling into question your own insurance policy or you believe that the insurer isn’t offering a fair settlement, a lawyer can help you with the legal aspects of your case. If the other party’s insurance isn’t enough to pay your bills, with your lawyer’s help, you may fine other insurance available to cover the damages.

How to Prepare for Your CME

After a car accident, the insurance company may ask you to undergo a compulsory medical examination or a CME. This is a medical exam that provides the insurance company with information about your injury so that the company can determine how much to compensate you for. Often, these CMEs are there to help save the insurance company money. In order to make the most out of your exam, you need to know what to do. Here’s how you should prepare for your CME.

Review Your Medical History

You may think that you know your medical history well enough. Before you go to your exam, review your medical history. You need to be able to pinpoint how the accident altered your life. Is your pain different from before? Do you suffer from restrictive movement? You should make a list of tasks that are more difficult to perform after the accident. The doctor and the insurance company are going to review your medical history in depth. You need to be aware of what the doctor is looking at.

Know What to Say

Before you arrive, you need to consider what you’re going to say to the doctor. You want to say as little as possible. Keep in mind that during a compulsory medical examination, the doctor will be looking for any way to help the insurance company save money. You should consider what questions he or she might ask you and have answers available. When possible, it is best to talk to a car accident lawyer in advance so that he or she can help you know what to say.

Naturally, you want to be as polite as possible. Remain polite and answer the questions honestly. You do not want to lie during your exam. This will often be obvious because the doctor has access to your medical history. This examination contains information that the insurance company will use at trial. You do not want to rush your answers or become nervous. In addition, you do not want to elaborate too much on your condition. Limit speech about past issues. Doctors should not question you on the cause of the accident.

When it comes to a CME, you want to make sure that you are prepared in advance. While this might seem like any other doctor’s appointment, anything that happens at this appointment could be used against you at court. Consult with a car accident lawyer today to prepare for your CME.

What Is an Independent Medical Examination?

When you find yourself hurt after an automobile accident, you might be overwhelmed by the claims process. Depending on the state where you live and the laws the dictate insurance coverage requirements, you may be able to file a claim for help.

Car insurance companies may be hesitant to sink a lot of money into your medical care unless they get a chance to confirm your injury. These carriers will likely launch a full investigation into the cause of the crash and confirm your injuries are valid. One step in the claims process may be an independent medical examination. This process may be foreign if you have not been involved in an accident previously. Discover the ins and outs of what this examination entails.

The Insurance Company Designates a Doctor 

You may have been seeing your regular doctor since the crash, and that doctor may have drawn up a treatment plan based on the diagnostics and examinations performed. To confirm that your injuries are legit, the insurance company may send you to see another physician who you have never been to previously. This third-party doctor is intended to be a fresh set of eyes and ears to provide insight into what ails you after a crash.

The Examination and Medical History

A trip to an independent medical examiner will entail having to go through your medical history. The doctor may ask you the same questions you have answered before, so be prepared to give these answers. The examination will be much like a regular exam. Your appointment may last longer than a normal one. This doctor will not prescribe you medication, but you may get sent for further diagnostic testing. Some of these tests will be repeats of ones you’ve already gone through.

The Independent Medical Examination Report 

The sole purpose of the third-party physician is to author a report on the status of your injury. The doctor will use your medical history, physical examination and diagnostic results to author the report. The doctor will also use your prior medical records from this and other medical incidents to provide background information and treatment recommendations for your current injury. The insurance company may rely heavily on this report to make decisions about processing medical claims. If this report is in direct conflict with your physician’s plan, it may cause them to stop paying.

A car accident lawyer can benefit you in many ways. When it comes to dealing with the insurance company, an attorney can provide valuable insight and help.

Your Attorney Protects Your Rights

You may need medical or legal experts to review your paperwork and present your claim. Why? Most insurance companies have a team of lawyers to eliminate or mitigate payouts to injured persons. Unless your claim is for property damage only, it will likely be to your benefit to hire an attorney to protect your legal rights. Because your Indianapolis automobile accident attorney has experience in the law and dealing with insurance companies, you may get a better outcome for your situation. You may not be required to have an attorney, but one does have many benefits. Call us today for more information.

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